Illinois Amber Alert: K’marion Hebron was abducted after a double murder

UPDATE: The yellow warning has been cleared. K’marion was found safe after he was dropped by the police.

Illberis-based Amber issued a warning to 1-year-old K’marion Hebron, who was allegedly abducted after a double homicide near Chicago, local officials said. Anyone who has information will call 911 immediately.

The incident occurred around three in the morning on Friday at the 14,000 block of South Tracy Avenue in Riverdale, a village in Cook County, south of Chicago. Details of the killings or abductions were not reported immediately.

The suspect was identified as 32-year-old Clarence Hebron. He is believed to have taken the child in a silver 2009 Dodge Caravan with license plate CA96676 in Illinois.

Clarence is called a 32-year-old black-haired, brown-eyed male who is 5 feet tall, 6 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. The exact nature of K ” s relationship to Marion was not immediately disclosed.

Anyone who sees K ’marion, Clarence, or the suspect vehicle should call 911 urgently or call Riverdale Police Department at 708-841-2203 if they have other information that could help investigators.

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