“I’m sick of him”: GOP congressman slaps Trump, Republican lawmakers

  • In a recent interview with Forbes, Denver Riggleman, a Denver Riggleman, slammed President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, saying the party refused to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s victory as a “huge catch.”
  • “They’re worried about the commission assignments, the team,” Riggleman said of Republicans standing next to the president.
  • Riggleman, the first-term legislature representing the 5th Congressional District of Virginia, was defeated in his June run for office and will leave Congress in January 2021.
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GOP spokesman Denver Riggleman of Virginia slammed President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans in a recent interview with Forbes, calling the party’s “huge rejection of President-elect Joe Biden’s unrecognized victory” a “huge handrail,” and said Trump served nothing “. but he himself. “

Riggleman, the outgoing congressman, and a handful of House Republicans who openly acknowledge Biden’s presidential victory, said the party’s current position is “just making money for the 2024 election” and “completely unethical”.

The conservative congressman said fear of Trump’s anger motivated many domestic Republicans to prioritize their individual careers over accepting election results.

“They’re worried about the committee’s mandates, for the team,” Riggleman said of Republicans standing next to the president. Trump, Riggleman said, “could get into their careers,” and for many members, “a career is more important than the facts, it’s that simple.”

On Nov. 23, after weeks postponing the interim plans of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration (GSA), finally “determined” Bident as the election winner. Murphy has received plenty of criticism about the delay, which has covered millions of dollars in federal funds for Biden and Harris.

In an Forbes interview, Riggleman released Murphy, saying “he should have done this well before he did,” and said the delay was a consequence of “fear of losing his tribe.”

He added: “I am very damn sick from him.

While Trump has filed unsuccessful lawsuits across the country to support his recent legal efforts to overthrow Biden’s 306-232 election college victory, Riggleman has criticized Republicans who believe the mass voter fraud is claiming, “where does your level of intelligence really speak? … believe in these types of operations. “

Riggleman said even harder words to Trump.

“He is so desperate to preserve power that he forgot to serve the people and not himself,” Riggleman said, adding that the president “never served anyone but himself when it came to his business and what he did.”

The congressman said Trump was “irresponsible” in embracing “theories and groups with a dehumanizing and anti-Semitic base,” in favor of “simply anti-American groups.”

During his tenure in office, Riggleman was very critical of the QAnon movement, which advocates a number of unfounded, Internet-based conspiracy theories. In September, New Jersey-based Democrat Tom Malinowski introduced a bipartisan house resolution condemning the movement. This was overwhelming, with 371-18 votes.

Riggleman also offered words of praise to Biden, calling it a “solid hand” whose political appointees “can ensure that this country stays on a relatively stable path.” He even said he would be open to incoming democratic administration.

“This should be where I serve this country and not some sort of symbolic position,” Riggleman said, pointing to the background of defense and counter-terrorism issues.

Rigglemant, a first-term representative from the 5th Congressional District of Virginia, was defeated in his June bid by Bob Good Good, a former fellow at the Athletics Department at Liberty University, at a controversial outdoor drive-through conference. In the November election, Good defeated Democrat candidate Cameron Webbet for the vacancy in a close race.

In October, Riggleman appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and regretted the state of U.S. politics. On the show, he said it was “difficult” to participate in any political party.

“I’m a Republican, which I thought was a constitutional Republican, but as the GOP goes to Virginia, it’s very hard for me to stay with either party,” he said. “I think the duopoly really is that the two-party system is really failing the American people now.”