Friday , May 24 2019
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In 10 years, American pedestrian deaths jumped to 35%


Last year, the number of pedestrians killed on American roads was the highest in 28 years, as reported by a security organization. Using state-reported data, Governors have estimated that 2227 pedestrians were killed last year. This has increased by 4% since 2017 and 35% since 2008, AP reports. The alliance blames the increase in factors that include confusing or corrupted drivers, more people doing work, and more SUVs on the road, causing more serious injuries when walking with people. He also says that most deaths occur on local roads at night and at junctions and demanded safer road crossings. Over 90% of the increased deaths in the last decade are caused by night-time crashes.

"Although we have made progress in many other road users over the past decade, mortality for pedestrians has increased by 35%," said Jonathan Adkins, Executive Director of the Association. "The alarm bells continue to sound on this issue." The report also drew attention to law enforcement and security education campaigns to ensure that managers and passers-by can coexist safely with road safety checks. He said that in the first half of last year, 23 states saw a reduction in pedestrian deaths and six states reported two-digit droplets. (These are the 10 weakest conditions for pedestrians.)

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