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In Alabama, the Toronto victims include the "sweeter boy" and the "perfect" daughter

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By Elizabeth Chuck, Jareen Imam and Tim Stelloh

A 6-year-old boy who always smiled with his mother. A 10-year-old girl who was "air" in her father's lungs.

These are victims of tornadoes who cut off on Sunday in the eastern part of Alabama and killed at least 23 people, including multiple children. Officials warned of the number of deaths.

Carol Dean, right, crying, while Megan Anderson and 18-month-old Madilyn's daughter hugged her, as Dean crosses her house debris with her husband David Wayne Dean. – Alabama, March 4, 2019. "It was my wedding gift," Dean said of her husband she married three years ago. "He was a million. He sent me flowers to know just how he loves me. He sends me the biggest strawberries in the world. I won't be the same." (AP photo / David Goldman)David Goldman / AP

Here's what we know about the victims so far:

Taylor Thornton

Taylor, 10 years old, camped with his best friend on the weekend and wouldn't have had to go back on Sunday night, his mother Ashley Thornton told NBC News Lester Holt.

But the group came back early. Ashley Thornton said he couldn't get his best friend's father, so her husband, David, had come to his friend's home in Lee County, east of Montgomery.

He found the neighborhood. The police were on it.

Taylor ThorntonGoFundMe

"I don't know that nobody has done this," said David Thornton.

He finally confirmed with an officer that his daughter was among the dead. The authorities then allowed to help Taylor transport the site.

"I can help a little," said David Thornton, wiping the tears.

Taylor's parents called it "perfect", "God-filled" little girl – someone who had no average bones in her body and loved being a big sister to a 10-month-old brother.

"He was the air in my lungs," said David Thornton.

Armando & # 39; A.J. & # 39; Hernandez

Armando, who is A.J. it was nicknamed, only six. His mother, Kayla Melton, refused to talk to NBC News, but shared her son's photos, including a caption.

"I love you, A.J., thank you for smiling me when I was with you," he wrote.

AJ HernandezThanks to Hernandez family

The NBC affiliate WSFA in the tornado suffered a serious injury to the highway patrol officer.

The officer, Sgt. Robert Burroughs was at home with his wife when the twister crossed the area and destroyed the house, the station reported, referring to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Burroughs was treated by the station at the intensive department of the Opelika East Alabama Medical Center.

"Soldiers have a strong sense of companionship, and at the moment they are surrounded by the Burroughs family and provide short and long-term support," said Cpl State Police Spokesman. Jess Thornton said WFSA reported.

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