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In Germany, Family Pug Seized And Sold On EBay To Cover Unpaid Debts: NPR

Cityspeople in Germany have seized a family-owned pet pug and sold the animal over eBay.

Frank Merschhausm, spokesman for the city of Ahlen, told NPR in an email that is the law of the city treasury.

However, they are acknowledged that they may be open to criticism.

"Obtaining the proceeds of the sale through a private eBay account was a very questionable decision," Merschhaus said. They are an internal investigation.

"It cannot be ruled out," he said.

The dog was seized in November, but the owner was found in the Munster region, until a new owner was found.

Several surgeries over $ 2,000, reports German newspaper Ahlener Tageblatt. The new owner, the policewoman, is now demanding a return for the $ 850 purchase price of the pug.

She was the one who was the first one to have a fever more than $ 2,000.

But the buyer got a home worker reassured that she was a healthy and that she could take her home. She told the newspaper, she learned one week later that the dog was unwell.

Ahlener Tageblatt interviewed Edda's original family as well as three children, aged five, seven and nine.

Edda's old owner told the newspaper that while she recognizes the legality of the seizure.

Merschhaus denied reports that city workers have considered a wheelchair of a household.

"Aids to the people with disabilities are absolutely exempt – unlike pets," they said.

Merschhaus noted that it was the first time the city had a debut of a family's pet over outstanding debts.

"Owners who do not pay for fear," they said. "Only if multiple requests for payment are not adhered to," are steps taken. "It's a long way to seizure."

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