In some pans, firearm deer hunting begins on Saturday

Pennsylvania is aiming to begin the firearms deer hunt season on Saturday, two days earlier than the traditional Monday after Thanksgiving. It proved to be very good for a hunter along the Laurel Peak east of Ligonier, but many of his hunters made an early start to the State Wildlife Commission in the second year.

Josh Vitalie (Johntown) hung an 11-point buck on the eaves of a hunting cabin along Laurel Summit Road until noon Saturday after he shot a deer in the Forbes State Forest along the Westmoreland-Somerset County border that morning.

Vitalie, who hunts with his family, had no complaints about leaving Saturday after Thanksgiving.

“It’s going well for me. I work on Mondays and Tuesdays, ”said 24-year-old Vitalie.

So far this year, he has been the only member of his party to have bagged deer. Vitalie said she hadn’t seen many deer or heard many shots.

The Pennsylvania Wildlife Commission authorizes hunting deer for the first time on Saturdays and Sundays. Hunters who do not fill in their deer tags on Saturday will have the opportunity to go out on Sunday for the first time.

Saturday’s start wasn’t right for a group of hunters in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood who took a break in their cabin in Linn Run State Park after looking for deer in the morning, seeing no one, and not hearing shots at the top of the ridge.

“We love Monday’s start. It takes away the tradition, ”said Gary Gorecki, of Mt. Pleasant Township, who hunted with his son, Joe, and other family and friends.

His son, Joe, was also not a fan of the Wildlife Committee, which allowed hunting on Sunday.

“It’s a day for hikers,” that they go into the woods, said Joe Gorecki, of Mt. Pleasant Township, whose family and friends have been renting a cabin in Linn Run State Park for 20 years.

Goreckis and their fellow hunters – a week-long group – said they didn’t see deer moving and didn’t even hear the typical shootings on the first day of the season.

The hunting company advised the Wildlife Committee, in particular on how the agency manages the firearms season.

“The deer is getting rarer. You’ve seen a lot of them, ”said Joe Garecki,

The reason for this, they said, was that the Wild Commission would allow two weeks of deer hunting seasons.

“He was slaughtered with two weeks of deer (deer herd),” Joe Gorecki said a few years ago.

This was the opinion of another group of hunters who did not see the deer, nor did they hear other hunters who fired. They also said they had not seen as many hunters as usual.

“You kill mothers (deer) and you kill two deer,” said Steve Billey, of Mt. Pleasant Town, standing on the porch of a family house built since 1932.

“Monday was a better time to start the hunt. Here you can get up (in their cabin) and explore the deer on the weekends. ”Said Paul Sefchik of Scottdale.

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