Incentive checks would be returned as part of the most recent COVID-19 aid bill, but for how much?

WASHINGTON – Legislators appear to have agreed to issue incentive checks to most Americans as part of the latest COVID-19 support package, according to the Associated Press. The audits are part of a $ 908 billion bipartisan package that includes incentive audits, money for federal unemployment insurance benefits, and certain amounts to deliver support to states, municipalities, territories, and tribes.

This includes support for transit systems and the distribution of virus vaccines.

“We have made great progress towards unpacking the bipartisan aid package,” said Senate Majority Leader Ritch, Mitch McConnell.

The exact amount of incentive checks has not been confirmed by lawmakers, but Sen. Republican John Thune of South Dakota, John Thune, has confirmed that checks range from $ 600 to $ 700 for eligible Americans. According to USA Today, the controls could be even greater for those who have children.

The $ 600 check was part of a White House proposal last week to streamline the bill approval process.

The bill also includes a $ 300 weekly bonus for federal unemployment benefits that would be similar to the $ 600 weekly benefit that was part of the relief bill approved over the summer. For an estimated 10 million Americans, federal unemployment benefits will expire on Dec. 26.

Although nothing has been formally agreed, Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va., co-author of the bill, says the negotiators are very close.

“I think they’re basically putting it all together now,” Manchin told CNN. – We were able to break the grid.

McConnell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Tuesday night to continue discussions while Congress is working to approve the bill ahead of the planned upcoming holiday break. McConnell has long been fighting to protect businesses from COVID-19-related lawsuits, while Pelosi has demanded more money for state and local subsidies. However, both sides appear to have stepped back into these demands in order to now pass the bill.

It is unclear whether the bill can be sent to President Donald Trump for approval, or when incentive checks will begin for Americans.

Legislators are also working to pass a government spending bill that needs to be approved by Friday to avoid the government stalling. This bill is expected to be easily acceptable under the AP.


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