Incoming GOP congressional woman to target AOC with conservative “squad”

Malliotakis, who often attacked Ocasio-Cortez during his campaign against Max Rose, once again targeted his New York counterpart when asked about the future of the Republican Party.

“I think one of the reasons we’re so motivated to participate is that democratic women are elected in 2018 and that don’t necessarily reflect our values, especially those who are self-characterized socialists,” Malliotakis said. “I think there’s just a sharp contrast between what we offer and what people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offer. And that needs to be debated in Washington.

House Republicans more than doubled the number of women at their November conference, bringing the number to at least 28 out of 13. There are at least 89 Democrats who put a record number of women in their ranks in the 2018 election.

Several home competitions are still uninvited, including Claudia Tenney’s Republican speech in New York against MP Anthony Brindisi; Tenney’s leadership narrowed significantly on Friday to just 13 votes.

Malliotakis, the only Republican to represent New York in Congress, commended Speaker Kevin McCarthy and MP Liz Cheney for their efforts to “recruit qualified women who have something to share with the American people”.

“What we stand for is freedom, freedom. We love this nation. We want to see it prevail. We want to see it remain a land of opportunity that has essentially attracted millions of immigrants from all over the world to follow this American dream, ”Malliontakis said. “Someone like me, the daughter of a Cuban shelter, I want to be there to take part in the debate, debate and express the opposite opinion.”