Incorporating Biden: You can expect smaller masses and greater social distance

The parade is also questionable.

Newly inaugurated presidents often took part in the slow progress along Pennsylvania Avenue and then watched local marching bands and other swimmers from a checkpoint near Lafayette Park. The January booth is ready, but organizing the parade would bring together large crowds along the way, which Mr. Biden is likely to avoid.

Reduced celebration could also be cheaper due to lower security and travel costs, although Mr Demissie said broadcasting videos and remote locations for more virtual installation is also costly.

On Monday, there were signs that while Mr. Biden might not be trying to outdo his predecessor, who raised a record $ 107 million during his 2017 celebrations, he would welcome donations from wealthy individuals and companies.

Mr Biden’s team indicated that the planning official said he could accept up to $ 500,000 from individuals and $ 1 million from companies. The ceiling is set by each president and has fluctuated over the years as incoming leaders have given the tone of their presidency with initiation. For example, Mr. Obama completely banned corporate gifts in 2009 and limited individual gifts to $ 50,000 before easing restrictions in 2013. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, accepted $ 5 million from Sheldon Adelson, a conservative casino magnate.

Mr. Biden’s team sent a mixed message. At the time of its incorporation, donations will not be accepted from fossil fuel companies defined as “the primary business is the extraction, processing, distribution or sale of oil, gas or coal” or from executives – a group that has given Trump about $ 10 million. Mr Biden does not even accept sources from registered lobbyists.

But that’s a relatively small part of Washington’s lucrative influencing industry, and Mr. Biden’s team has indicated he would still accept some gifts from companies and trade associations that typically shower cash on incoming presidents to promote the goodwill of officials. We had to see if Mr. Biden put together exclusive, VIP packages that usually entice large donations.

He also selected Katie Petrelius, the national finance director, who oversaw the effort He raised a record amount of money for his campaign to play a similar role as the main fundraiser for his inauguration, according to a nominee.

Eric Lipton and Kenneth P. Vogel contributed to the report.