Indoor high school, youth sports suspended in NJ in January under new COVID-19 rules, Governor Murphy announced

In New Jersey, indoor high school and youth sports will be suspended until January under new coronavirus rules. Governor Phil Murphy announces Monday that limited restrictions on outdoor gatherings will include 25 people – NJ Advance Media reported

The indoor sports ban will begin at 6 a.m. Friday and run through Jan. 2, according to two sources who have direct knowledge of the decision but spoke of the condition of anonymity because they are not eligible to discuss the matter in public.

The order does not affect indoor dormitory or professional sports, sources said.

But this means that youth and high school basketball, hockey, swimming and other indoor sports will be temporarily banned. High school football isn’t affected because the season ended last weekend.

Outdoor sports are still allowed because the people needed for the games – athletes, coaches, referees and staff – are not included in the limit, sources said. But the viewers will be 25 years old.

Murphy is expected to provide further details on the new restrictions in a Trenton Southern Coronavir Newsletter on Monday.

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Sources say the state’s new outdoor assembly limit, lower than 150, will take effect next Monday at 7 p.m. This will affect the various planned outdoor events during the festive season.

Murphy reduced the outdoor assembly limit from 500 to 150 people through an enforcement order that went into effect just a week ago. These restrictions included exemptions from outdoor meals and religious and political activities protected by the First Amendment.

The governor lowered the indoor assembly limit from 25 to 10 earlier this month, before Thanksgiving weekend.

Murphy ordered the suspension of all interstate indoor youth sports earlier this month, citing particular concerns about hockey, which is also contained in a new indoor sports ban to be announced on Monday.

Recent restrictions on coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in New Jersey have increased significantly in recent weeks after the relative dullness of the summer.

New Jersey’s seven-day average for Sunday averaged 4,070 – 5.6% more than a week ago and 176% higher than a month ago, although the pace of growth has slowed in recent days.

Hospital treatments have declined after a three-week rise around Thanksgiving, but are still at their highest levels since May 22nd.

Officials have also warned that although the coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon, the outbreak could be severe in the coming months as people spend more time indoors, especially during the winter holidays.

Murphy said the state is trying to apply several “surgical” restrictions to combat second-wave spread. He also said his aim is to have as much personal learning as possible in the schools, although many districts have switched to all the remote classes that are heading towards the holidays.

Murphy did not rule out issuing another nationwide shutdown than it did in the first wave of spring.

“You have to stay on the table,” Murphy said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday. – God willing, you don’t have to.

“The big news is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel (along with vaccinations), but we’re in a fight for the next two to three months of our lives,” he added.

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