Ingraham: The elites, the political class, are looking for a pandemic that is “never normal again”

The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted the gap between the U.S. blue-collar working class and the ruling class, Laura Ingraham told viewers on Friday.

“This season is usually full of Christmas parties, bustling restaurants, trips to visit our loved ones, it happens all over the country,” said the presenter of “The Ingraham Angle”. “But of course, because of COVID, nothing seems the same to most of us. Several Americans are at the forefront, some are rightly afraid of getting the virus, others want to lift the closures.

Ingraham rejected the so-called “arbitrary and destructive” blocking ordinances, which he said will eventually be suppressed.

The presenter cited this week’s drama, which features Staten Island salon owners Danny Presti and Keith McAlarney, whose bar – Mac’s Public House – was closed by the New York sheriff’s office because he refused to close the indoor meal in an “orange zone “was mapped by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Presti and its attorney, Lou Gelormino, told Fox News this week that Cuomo’s order was both arbitrary and economically destructive, noting that businesses on the other side of the nearby Staten Island Railway are operating under more normal conditions.

“People are starting to cut back,” Ingraham said, noting residents ’protests Wednesday night in favor of reopening Mac.

“Its owner (Presti) was arrested because it remained open, just like other restaurants can only be a few blocks away,” he said. “But the elite believe it can justify the harm done to working Americans by referring to ‘science.'”


According to Ingraham, the epidemic “illustrates what conservative populists have been saying for years – that the educated elite is almost completely detached from the mindset and way of life of working Americans, not to mention that many in the medical institution have become propagandistic.”

He cited a recent New York Times story about an “informal survey of epidemiologists,” noting that most suggest never returning to the proverbial “old” normal.

“Remember that, they say, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars on vaccinations, losing trillions in wealth, spending wasted years developing and educating our children, but still not getting back to normal?” Ingraham asked.


“So what do you think is going on here? … It’s all about achieving the goal of the globalists for a‘ big recovery ’of our world economy,” he added. “Those whose proponents otherwise use Biden’s ‘Build Back Right’ model to promote the idea of ​​forced asset equalization.”

Ingraham closed the monologue with a warning and a firm suggestion to the Americans:

“Don’t let the experts wave you for saying,‘ This is what science says, ’because I bet most people either don’t know or don’t care what the U.S. Constitution says.