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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon find out why Trump’s legitimate team couldn’t steal Biden’s presidency

“The president’s slow-moving coup isn’t going so well,” Stephen Colbert said in Monday’s late show. “This afternoon, the Michigan Electoral Commission confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in this state, and then tonight we learned just moments ago that the General Services Administration had informed President-elect Joe Biden that the administration was ready to begin the formal transition process.” That makes it official, ”he said. “Our next commander-in-chief will be President Biden. Which means somewhere right now Rudy Giuliani is right to say that our current president has always been Joe Biden.” “So many people have been humiliated by the absolute incompetence. The president did the job and fired a man named Sidney Powell from his legal team,” Colbert said. “If you don’t know who he is, congratulations, you don’t have to know now. But I’ll tell you anyway.” And he did. Powell “fired Trump’s legal team for being too crazy,” Jimmy Fallon marveled at The Tonight show. “It’s like kicking off real housewives because they’re too crazy. Seriously, do you know what kind of nut you have to have when Rudy Giuliani’s head starts leaking and you’re the one being fired?” “Here’s how embarrassed he was for the Trump team,” James Corden detailed on The Late Late Show: “The guy who held a press conference next to a sex shop and had hair dye on his face last week and who wears a loaf that looks like a clown “- That guy’s still on the team. But I saw it coming, I did. Every good conspiracy theorist will tell you that if you rearrange the letters in Sidney Powell, you get the Needy Pillows, which obviously nods to the To CEO of MyPillow, who invented the coronavirus to destabilize the neck support industry. I have to be honest, I spent a lot of time online over the weekend. ” you. – The same thing was said about you. Meanwhile, “we still haven’t seen the president let go – we’ve barely seen the president,” he shrugged, thanks in large part to golf. “I’ve never seen a guy try so hard to keep a job he doesn’t do.” Check out Kimmel’s other “great idea” for Trump to leave his office below. More news from The Secret Service is said to be preparing for Trump’s “post-presidential life.” Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it. I was wrong about Mitt Romney