Iran’s Rouhani declares the end of “Trumpism.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared the “end of the Trumpism era” on Thursday as Tehran continues to celebrate the defeat of the administration and the imminent end of its “maximum pressure” that has left Iran’s economy on the brink of collapse.

Iranian officials praise Trump’s election defeat as justification for Tehran’s resistance to the Trump administration, which has sought to restrain Iran and force it to negotiate a new, tougher nuclear deal.

Tehran has retained former Vice President Joe Biden for a Trump defeat that is scheduled to win the contest with 306 college votes. Biden was part of an administration that engaged in dialogue with Iran and signed the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Actin Nuclear Agreement, which lifted crippling international sanctions against Tehran in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program.

On Thursday, during the inauguration of a new petrochemical plant, Rouhani told reporters: “In the last three years of the economic war, Iran has proved that it will not surrender and the enemies have suffered humiliating defeats,” the Tasnim News Agency writes. Iran regularly sees U.S. sanctions as economic warfare or economic terrorism.

Rouhani said Iran’s economy was “big” and “resilient,” adding, “Many have come to destroy Iran, but it has failed.”

Despite Iran’s stubbornness, U.S. sanctions are biting. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier this month that U.S. measures were “extremely effective.”

“Today, Iran’s economy is facing a currency crisis, rising public debt and rising inflation,” Pompeo said, noting that U.S. sanctions have cut Iran’s vital and lucrative oil exports by about 75 per cent, denying the regime more than $ 70 billion in oil.

“The Iranian demonstration has fallen to one-fifth of its previous value against the dollar since the start of the campaign, while Iran’s GDP has shrunk by about six per cent for three consecutive years,” Pompeo added.

Along with the coronavirus epidemic, the sanctions were painful. Iran is struggling with industrial unrest and has violently suppressed mass protests against the cost of living. Last year, for example, according to the State Department, more than 1,000 people were killed by security forces who carried out demonstrations.

Rouhani and other members of the regime continue to resist, but have also called for sanctions to be eased. According to the regime, the measures are in the midst of crimes against humanity, especially the interruption of the coronavirus epidemic.

Biden said he wants to rejoin the JCPOA, which Trump left behind in 2018. It is speculated that it could offer Iran relief from quick sanctions as a benevolent gesture to get the negotiators back on the table.

Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran is proud to have surpassed Trump. “One of the main signs of the victory of the Iranian nation and the firm and sure defeat of the enemy in this economic war is the end of the era of Trumpism,” he added.

But Trump’s mandate is not over yet. Apparently, his administration has decided to pay Tehran at the highest possible price before January 20th. The White House applies several sanctions against Iran, and The New York TimesTrump called for military options to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will address the inaugural session of the new parliament following the February elections in Tehran on 27 May 2020.
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