Ivanka Trump: The daughter of the new warrior president raises questions about her future

Trump has recently stepped back from what he described as a “partisan investigation” from his positions as a milquetoast, following an aggressive posture that better fits his father’s position.

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump was replaced from Washington DC, the chief prosecutor’s induction lawsuit, which focused on investigating possible anomalies committed during Trump’s inaugural celebrations in 2016. And though he had not publicly announced his testimony ahead of time, he had something to say afterwards.

“This week I spent 5+ hours in a deposit at the office of Democrat DC AG questioning the fees charged by Trump Hotel at the inauguration. I shared an email with them 4 years ago where I sent instructions to the hotel to charge a ‘fair market rate’ ( see below), which the hotel did then, “he said in a statement.

“This‘ investigation ’is another politically motivated demonstration of revenge and the waste of taxpayers’ dollars, ”he added.

Planning for the Future: Trump Kids Also Seek to Benefit from Their Father's Fallen Legacy

An email dated December 14, 2016, attached to Trump’s tweet, said, “I just see this. Why don’t you call and negotiate. It has to be a fair market interest rate.”

Trump’s voice and defense of ongoing “revenge” allegations were on the corners in the week before the president’s two-year tax breaks, which he tweeted as “harassment.”

“It’s pure and simple harassment. The NYC Democrats ‘investigation is’ 100% motivated by politics, publicity and anger. They know very well that there’s nothing here and no tax breaks. These politicians are simply ruthless.” tweeted, later called it a “fishing expedition” and a “political vendetta.”

The tone and style of Trump’s words and actions in the final months of the White House’s work marks a transformation four years ago, when moving to Washington, he was seen as a moderate voice, more socially conscious than most conservative Republicans.

Over time, however, Trump’s shift to the right solidified.

“He’s become HIMSELF,” said a source who takes a more conservative stance in sync with the Trump brand and is more closely intertwined with his father.

“I’m pro-life, and without apology,” Ivanka Trump said in an October interview with Real Clear Politics, taking a public stance against Liberals in New York with whom she had previously socialized.

Trump has publicly maintained a nicely tailored West Wing portfolio. And as an individual, he advised his father much more widely. He also conducted diplomacy, met with world leaders on a variety of topics, and traveled abroad on behalf of the administration, including travel to India, South Korea, Germany, and Japan.

During the presidential campaign, when swing states narrowed and the lure of suburban female voters became increasingly desperate for Trump, it was strategically Ivanka Trump who made several stops in the suburbs of North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. .

Trump also discovered during his release that he had brought a lucrative fate for the party and raised $ 35 million at nine fundraising events. The easier licking of donors, as well as the high demand for presence and the warm embrace of his father’s base, fueled additional concepts for Trump — a louder presence and a desire to pursue his own political future.

Ivanka Trump candidate?

Two of Trump’s friends and a small group of White House staff say he keeps an eye on government agencies.

“Ivanka definitely has political ambitions, no question.” a source working closely with the Trump family told CNN. “You want to run for something, but you have to figure it out.”

There was talk in the near future of Ivanka Trump’s position as governor of Florida, as well as a possible case for the New Jersey Congress in both states where Trump has vacationers. The Trump-Kushner family is currently renting a home in the DC-toned Kalorama neighborhood two miles from the White House.

They have retained their extensive Upper East Side apartment in New York, a White House official said, and there is a broad belief among the couple’s closest friends that they expect to move back to Manhattan, even if it means an unfriendly return for the couple.

Comments from a CNN Trump spokesman were not returned.

But another source close to Trump told CNN that speculators who assume they are planning a political position need to pump up the brakes.

“Currently, only his political initiatives care about him, he will do in the remaining weeks what he can do on behalf of the administration and look for his three young children,” the source said, adding that Trump did not “shut down” about all future options, including taking office.

They calculate the falsity of his recent public remarks, which upset Democrats and officials investigating both him and his father. “He talks more,” he’s less worried about “leaning back and letting people say what they want and distort the facts,” a source close to Ivanka Trump said.

The more he swings back, the more he positions himself for a future Republican race, a source working with the family said, and he does so with his father’s blessing.

“Of all the children, Trump focuses on running. He sees Ivanka as an heir.” said the source.

Next steps

CNN reported last month that Trump appeared as a man looking for a way for the president to save his face while considering his own future. With her husband, Jared Kushner, she would prefer the president to speed up her legal proceedings across the country as they have proved ineffective and allowed competition. A key factor in the couple’s calculations is an eye for her future and the legacy of her husband, Jared Kushner.

Trump is well aware of how often Kushner’s work on the Middle East peace issue can take place in the months and years outside of Washington, and often tweets her husband’s performance in the industry. He offered a more calibrated message to his father, asking him if it was worth damaging his legacy and potentially his business to continue to deny the election results.

Ivanka Trump is privately realistic about losing the president, a source told CNN, but he also knows that his entire future – now more than ever – is tied to his father and needs to be treated subtly.

Ivanka Trump, says a long-time acquaintance, “has ambition in his bones, driven by him to get to the top of what he wants to be.”

CNN staff member Jamie Gangel contributed to this report.