Jake Tapper “praises” Trump for exposing Republicans willing to attack democracy

Jake Tapper mockingly thanked Donald Trump on Sunday for revealing which Republicans were willing to “overturn the will of the electorate,” signing an unresolved Texas lawsuit rejected by the Supreme Court to block the election results of four states whose residents voted for Joe. Biden.

Initially, he began his monologue by “wanting to praise Donald Trump” for the many “legitimate achievements” he achieved during his lesson, such as Operation Warp Speed, CNN. The state of the Union anchor turned to the president’s last effort to overthrow Biden’s decisive election victory.

“The president has filed a crazy lawsuit, ‘the big one,'” he called the Texas attorney general, “Tapper said.” It was a clown legal lecture based on conspiracy theories and outright lies. It was supported by 126 members. “

Adding that Trump “did us a favor by exposing these elected officials,” Tapper noted that these Republicans are “definitely people who have signed a desperate desire to overthrow the will of the American people, to deprive voters of their rights in Georgia, Pennsylvania. , Wisconsin and Michigan, based on lies and conspiracy theories, attach immoral and corrupt power over democracy. “

Speaking of a coup attempt by Trump and his allies, Tapper paid tribute to GOP state and election officials who refused to agree with the president’s lies over widespread voter fraud before returning to Republicans, supporting Trump’s efforts to steal the election.

“Many Americans hoped that most Republican officials, while agreeing with Trump’s policy, did not like the uglier parts of his style, his willingness to lie or smear to achieve his goals. But President Trump has pushed Republican houses to register them, ”he declared. “He made them stand and counted, and 126 of them, including Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican whip Steve Scalise, actually signed their names to this, this conservative, democratic, American, and spooky joke that would free them from disenfranchishers. their American counterparts. “

“These domestic Republicans raised their hands,” Tapper finished. “They said: Write it down. The hope that most Republicans in the House was better than that – it was destroyed. For those of us who believe in norms and norms and in the United States Constitution, we must thank President Trump for bringing this fact to light. “