Jalen Hurts helps the Eagles upset about winning the Saints

Jalen Hurts didn’t really do that in the first start of the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s what he didn’t do.

The pains did not throw off any particular interceptions. He didn’t buy a bag. He lost a grope late, but is bound to make some rookie mistakes. Carson Wentz led the NFL in all three categories for most of the season. No wonder the Eagles looked better with the Hurts in the quarterback.

The Hurts also did some good things, handed it over and ran it. The Eagles played the best match of the season and it was no accident. They retained the second half runner-up and beat the New Orleans Saints team 24-21, winning nine in a row. The Hurts ran 109 yards and passed 167 yards. He made plays, and maybe even more important ones, mostly avoiding bad games.

The Eagles have a quarterback for at least another week and maybe hope for the rest of the season.

The Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts on the left are scrambling past the New Orleans Saints Demario Davis.  (AP photo / Chris Szagola)
Left Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts wrestles with New Orleans Saints Demario Davis. (AP photo / Chris Szagola)

The Saints lag behind early

While the Hurts played very well in the first half, Taysom Hill struggled. Hill looked very good on two starts and wasn’t that great on two. Drew Brees is approaching a comeback, and while the Saints don’t want to run back, they may not be able to experience Hill’s inconsistency.

Hill scored 65 assists and 15 attempts in the unsuccessful first half. Upon his capture, he threw a quick ball in a short pass to Alvin Kamara when some touch was needed. Chamber couldn’t handle it, and linebacker Duke Riley poked at the thrown selection.

Hill helped the Saints in the second half, but he is still up and down. Many times he held the ball against Philadelphia for too long. A fourth or two were fired in the Eagles area when the Saints reduced the advantage to 17-14. The Eagles immediately then scored to regain control of the game.

Hill did good things as a beginner. Sunday wasn’t good, especially compared to the other quarterback who made his starting debut. And this could be a loss to the Saints in the number one core of the NFC.

Eagles are hanging for victory

The Hurts ’best game seemed to energize the Eagles. Hurts faced a fierce pass in the fourth and two of the second quarter of the goalless game. As soon as he hit him, he handed a nice back shoulder pass to Alshon Jeffery, who caught him for a touchdown.

The Eagles then led 17-0. The Saints clashed back and forth in the third quarter while Philadelphia’s attack stalled but they could not finish the job. The Hurts shake led to a late Saints touchdown, and New Orleans almost restored the bounce kick, but the Eagles eventually finished the hour with that. Combined with the Green Bay Packers ’victory in Detroit, the Saints slipped out of first place in the NFC on Sunday.

The Eagles aren’t in great shape at 4-8-1. But they are still in the NFC East tournament. And the rookie quarterback gives them more hope than a week ago.

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