Jalen Hurts is reportedly expected to continue playing on Monday after getting a Team 1 replay

Carson Wentz is expected to head to the Eagles on Monday night. But to the national audience, it sounds like we’re going to see more Jalen Hurt than ever before.

ESPN Tim McManus said the Hurts got the first team replay in practice this week.

Against the Seahawks, the Hurts are expected to receive increased playing time, which includes clicks when Wentz is off the field, according to NFL Network Ian Rapoport.

Head coach Doug Pederson was asked on Saturday if the Hurts received more first-team reps this week, and they also asked if the Hurts could take a series or two.

“As for the pieces and the snaps, I mean, he hasn’t gotten more than he would have gotten in the week since we played,” Pederson said. – I’m not telling him any game plans at the moment.

The Eagles drafted Hurts from Oklahoma in the second round (53rd place) in the spring. So far, it has been used mainly as a widget player. He played a total of 31 clicks this season, and most of the matches were played with seven clicks against the Ravens. Hurts played just one click against the Browns last week.

And an important note about Hurts ’snaps is that Wentz has been on the field all along. Despite all of Wentz’s injury stories, he really didn’t miss a moment this season.

A few weeks ago, Pederson was asked if he could dial pieces for Hurts on the field without Wentz to give him another assault weapon.

“Great idea,” Pederson said. – Something we’re looking into.

This season, Hurts has 31 clicks according to position as follows:

QB: 21

WR: 6

RB: 2

Location: 2

Despite the defender playing, Hurts threw the ball only twice. 2/2 for 27 yards.

This shift in the quarterback speaks to the fights we’ve seen from Wentz all season. Through 10 games, he has become one of the NFL’s worst defenders. Despite the flashes of his old self, Went’s passes scored just 58.4% at 2,326 yards with 14 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

After his performance against Cleveland last week, Pederson said he never thought about Wentz’s attic and said Wentz would be the starter next week against the Seahawks. He looked shocked that there were even questions about it.

But earlier this week, for whatever reason, Pederson hesitated that Wentz was the starting quarterback against the Seahawks Monday night. Eventually, Pederson confirmed that Wentz is still a beginner to the Eagles.

“He’s my beginner,” Pederson said. “End of story.”

Although now it seems to have a little more in it.

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