Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, and her husband are showing a positive result for COVID-19

Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, and her husband are positive about the coronavirus and are in quarantine.

“They are asymptomatic, they feel good, and they continue to be isolated in their home,” Polis tweeted Saturday night.

– Governor Polis and First Gentleman tonight [Marlon] Reis learned that the COVID-19 test was positive, ”the governor’s office said in an official statement.

“Marlon and I have had a good time so far, and we’re in a good mood.” No one or family is vulnerable to this virus. ”The communication continued.

“I urge all koloradani to take care, limit public interactions, wear a mask in public, stay six feet away from others, and wash their hands regularly,” Polis said.

He is constantly in control of the state while working remotely.

It was Polis tweeted on his personal account on Thursday that she shared Thanksgiving with her husband and daughter, Cora, after learning on Wednesday that she was exposed to the virus.

The coronavirus is “fluctuating” in Colorado, with the state estimating one in 41 people is currently contagious, the Denver Post reported.

The governors of Nevada, Virginia and Missouri had positive results about the virus.