Jimmy Kimmel pulls Trump to support Randy Quaid, QAnon’s conspiracy theorist

On Tuesday, when a deadly virus reigns out of control across the country and kills more than a thousand people every day, outgoing President Donald Trump has spent a tremendous amount of time on Twitter to cheer on his admirers.

One of the people Trump retweeted was actor Randy Quaid, who mostly learned late about his arrest, his conspiracy theories –including QAnon– and tries to escape the prominent orders in the U.S. by seeking asylum from Canada. (He now lives in Vermont, with his wife, Evi.)

“The Biden team is now officially in touch with members of the outgoing administration, but Trump still refuses to call himself a ‘outgoing’. He didn’t admit it is #Squattergate’s 21st day and he’s ready to eat his own,” Jimmy Kimmel said late. “He’s not happy with Fox News or some of his Republican comrades. He expressed this displeasure this morning with the retweeting of actor Randy Quaid.”

Yes, Trump retweeted Quaid five times on Tuesday, including one in which he conducted a “re-vote on personal paper only” in some states, and a spoiled video where Quaid is seen up close, a flashing color flashes on his face as he screams, “Fox News’ daytime ratings have COMPLETELY collapsed! Weekend living is even worse. It’s VERY sad to watch it happen, ”before I make a bunch very strange sounds. The accompanying message reads: “TIME TO MANAGE OAN AND NEWSMAX. THE Fox IS DEAD WITH ME! “