JJ Watt sums up his 36-7 loss to the Texans Bears in 346 words

What did you think about the performance of the defense?

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“I mean, I thought our performance was awkward. These are just the facts of what was.

What was your mindset when you saw RB David Montgomery score in the first game?

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He was obviously not very happy. The last thing you need to do is start the game with an 80-yard touchdown during the very first game. So it wasn’t an ideal way to start the game at any stage. ”

What did Mitch think of Trubisky?

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“I thought he obviously played well. Play very well. They moved the pocket, taking the ball out of his hand extremely quickly. We never caused it uncomfortably, never uncomfortably. Apparently they ran an 80-yard touchdown in the first game of the game, and there really wasn’t a point all day when they felt uncomfortable. And so you will not win. He played very well. He played very well. ”

He’s not looking for Jim Mora’s answer, but what does that mean now that there’s no chance of a playoff?

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“I mean, if you’re not looking for such an answer, what can you answer?”

Just talk about where this team is with this.

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“I think we already had a really good idea for this game.”

Is this defense playing as hard as you need it? There are times when it seems like you can’t stay on the field.

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“Stay on the field? What do you mean?”

You are not competitive in defense.

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“Oh yeah, we gave up 36 points today. I agree. We were not competitive. We gave up 36 points. ”

Can you put your finger on why you don’t have the energy to defend?

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“No I can’t. You go out there and try to put it on the line and do everything you can and try to put everything you got there. I mean, giving up an 80-yard touchdown for the first game of the game is obviously no idea to start the day’s momentum. But you have to overcome that and go out to make plays, and we didn’t.

What was Mitch Trubisky’s game plan?

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“He wanted to stop the run, then get on and make him uncomfortable. I don’t think we did both things.

After you guys somehow continue to suffer these losses, these types of performances, do you allow yourself to think about the future and where our minds are with you now, the future of this team?

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– I always think of everything. There are a lot of thoughts in my head. There are a lot of hours in the day. I have plenty of time to think about a lot of things. Right now, I’m thinking about what’s just happened, and I’m not happy about it in tight areas of the imagination.