Joe Biden names a wide variety of economic teams as the first female treasurer of American politics

Joe Biden on Monday announced his economic team, a list of advisers that could include the Treasury’s first female secretary, as the president-elect awaits the recovery of the U.S. economy hit by the corona virus.

The various nominated cabinets were officially nominated after Biden appointed a full communications team. Republicans are likely to launch fierce opposition to at least one of the Democrats ’economic selections.

After a busy few days at Biden, who also managed to break his leg while playing with his dog, the former vice president finally had access to daily presidential briefings on Monday.

Donald Trump remains unwilling to give in to the election, using Sunday’s first televised interview since Biden won the vote more than three weeks ago, reiterating his baseless allegations that the election was stolen.

Biden won 6 million more votes than Trump as he became the first presidential candidate to ever win more than 80 million U.S. support. He won Electoral College 306-232, with the same score Trump beat Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Biden’s victories in Arizona and Wisconsin were confirmed on Monday.

Biden’s Chief Treasury candidate, Janet Yellen, led by Barack Obama, was president of the Federal Reserve and has been confirmed by the Senate before. But Republicans are already preparing to confront Neera Tanden, Biden’s candidate in the Office of Administration and Budget.

Tanden, president of the Liberal Center for American Progress, has accused Senate Republicans of hypocrisy after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg hastily appointed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Tanden has repeatedly criticized the right on Twitter.

“Neera Tanden, who has an infinite number of contemptuous remarks about Republican senators who will need votes, has zero chance of confirmation,” said Texas Senator John Cornyn, a spokesman. tweeted.

On Monday, Biden received a presidential day briefing, a classified document summarizing high-level information on national security issues, prepared by the director of national intelligence for the first time since the election was won.

In 2018, the Washington Post reported that Trump did not read the daily briefing, preferring oral presentations. Biden is expected to study the written material. He would have received it sooner, but the Trump administration delayed the transition process.

Biden will be forced to eat the short while caring for his broken leg after he slipped while playing with his German shepherd, the major. According to the elected presidential office, the 78-year-old man broke two bones in his right leg and “will probably need walking boots for several weeks.”

Better health news arrived on Monday for the entire U.S. as Secretary of Health Alex Azar said the first two coronavirus vaccines could be given to Americans “before Christmas”.

Two vaccines are waiting for emergency use. If approved, Azar says it will be up to state governors to decide who gets the first batches.

“Let there be thinking people in the nursing home, the most vulnerable – let there be thinking health workers who are most associated with suspicious Covid cases than the first part of the people we are trying to vaccinate,” Azar told CBS.

As Biden moves forward in planning for the presidency, Trump has become increasingly lonely in maintaining fraudulent elections. In a Sunday interview, Fox Business continued to basically claim election fraud, despite losing its legal team on a case-by-case basis as it tried to overthrow the outcome.

“My idea won’t change in six months,” Trump said. – There was a huge scam here.

Trump also said he would “use 125% of my energy” to fight the results.

Shortly after the interview, Wisconsin completed the recount requested by the president. Officials recounted the votes in the state’s largest counties, Milwaukee and Dane, where more than 800,000 votes were cast. Few changes were found in the results. In fact, Biden’s leadership grew by 87 votes.

More bad news for Trump on Monday revealed that the president has lost Twitter followers in recent weeks – while Biden has further increased his own followers.

According to the Factbase tracking website, the number of accounts following Trump – who complained about the biased treatment of Twitter – fell by 133,902 in 11 days, while Biden gained nearly 1.2 million.

Trump still has one of the best-followed Twitter accounts in the world, with 88.8 million followers. But it lags slightly behind its White House predecessor, Barack Obama, who has 126.8 million.