John Durham, Special Adviser to Democrat Concerns Binds Biden’s Hand, “Settle Old Results” in Russia

On Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr informed Congress that on Oct. 19, John Durham had appointed U.S. attorney special counsel to investigate the origins of the FBI case in Russian relations with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats are concerned that the appointment of Durham – which President-elect Joe Biden’s future attorney general cannot easily reject without any repercussions and political consequences – primarily serves the new administration’s problem by venting long-standing grievances against President Biden and former ex. President Barack Obama.

Trump has long argued that the FBI’s investigation into its relations with Russia during the 2016 election was nothing more than a political “witch-hunt” launched by Obama and his Democrats to delegate the presidency. Trump also claimed it was illegal for the Obama administration to investigate him in the first place, claiming there was no basis for that.

On Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr wrote a letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committee announcing the appointment of U.S. lawyer John Durham on October 19 as a special adviser to investigate the possible collusion between the FBI Russia and the investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign at the time. during the 2016 presidential election. In this April 9, 2019 photo, Barr testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.
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As early as May 2019, Barr touched on Durham to begin investigating the origins of the FBI Trump – Russia probe and how the federal intelligence committees came to their decisions and conclusions about Russia’s alleged intervention and possible links to the Trump campaign.

Just as congressional Democrats put pressure on Trump and former attorney general Jeff Sessions not to interfere in Trump – Russia’s investigation, led by Special Adviser Robert Mueller, congressional Republicans are calling on Biden and Democrats to allow Durham to conduct his investigation.

“I hope my Democratic colleagues show the same respect for Special Adviser Durham as Special Adviser Mueller,” North Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham said of Politico. “This important investigation must be allowed free from political interference.”

Special Adviser Durham cannot be easily removed by the Biden Administration as only one Attorney General can give special advice. The dismissal must be made in writing and only for specified reasons, such as conduct and conflicts of interest. As Special Adviser, Durham will not be directly supervised by the Department of Justice, but Biden’s Attorney General may require him to explain his investigation and its procedural steps.

Any attempt to fire the special adviser is likely to be seen as political interference and could be interpreted as an attempt to hide the violations of Obama or Biden administration officials.

When Barr first betrayed Durham’s investigation in May 2019, he said, “What happened to the president in the 2016 election and the first two years of his presidency was appalling. It was a serious injustice and unprecedented in American history. The Durham The investigation tries to get deep into what happened. And that will determine if there are federal laws violated. Those who break the laws are held accountable. “

In a letter Tuesday, notifying the House and Senate Judiciary Committees of the appointment of Durham as Special Counsel, Barr said he originally planned for Durham to report by the summer of 2020, but it was delayed by the COVID-19 epidemic.

In a statement, Democratic House intelligence president Adam Schiff of California accused Barr of settling political results with Durham after Barr and Trump left.

“In a pre-election secret meeting before Durham, which only Barr acknowledged, it has now been made public that there is no evidence of election fraud to overturn the results, Barr uses the special advisory law for a purpose not intended: to pursue a politically motivated investigation well after Barr leaves his office, “Schiff wrote.

Newsweek contacted Barr’s office to comment.