John James acknowledges and congratulates US Senator Gary Peters

Craig Mauger
Leonard N. Fleming

| The Detroit news

Republican John James admitted on Tuesday night that he congratulated U.S. Senator Gary Peters and said Scotch whiskey was “coming” to the Democratic path.

“Michigan, the battle for the Senate chair in 2020 is over, but the battle for the future of this great country will never end, and I will never retreat from this battlefield, and neither should you,” said James, a military veteran. .

“Too many people were hurt,” he added. “There’s too much to do. There’s too much left.”

Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, defeated James by 50% -48%, or more than 92,000 votes. The Farmington Hills businessman lost 6.5 percentage points in 2018 from the U.S. Democratic Senate, Dansie Stabenow (Lansing).

Peters declared victory two days after the election, but James refused to agree and asked for an investigation into what his campaign originally called fraud during the vote.

On Tuesday night, a day after the State Council confirmed Michigan’s results, and three weeks after election day, James changed direction and congratulated Peters.

“Senator, you may not remember this, but you and I shared a Scot a few years ago at a Pistons game. So in the spirit of the holidays, Senator, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label will be released soon.

– Congratulations, sir. I wish you and your family good health and safety this season and the new year.

At a meeting of the Wayne County Canvassers Board earlier this month, James’ attorney, Charlie Spies, said he had “very serious concerns” about the way elections are conducted in the Democratic-dominated county, but did not give it. concrete evidence in support of his comments.

At Monday’s meeting of the Board of State Representatives, Spies told board members that they had the power to order scrutiny, citing a Michigan law that said the board “could determine and determine the outcome of elections.”

The James campaign called on the board to spend an additional two weeks until December 2 to verify the election results before voting on the certificate. But the board voted 3-0 – with Republican Norm Shinkle abstaining – to justify the November 3 election results.

On Tuesday, James said he was happy that Shinkle had prompted the board to ask the legislature to review state election procedures.

“But it’s too late for me,” James said. “While I look forward to participating in ensuring a reasonable franchise and integrity in our near future elections, today is the right time to congratulate Senator Gary Peters.”

Laura Cox, president of the Republic of Michigan Party, said James “fought an extremely difficult fight.”

“John has squeezed himself among the stars in the Republican Party, and I know I’m talking about every Republican when I say we can’t wait to see what happens next to John James,” Cox said.

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