John James acknowledges the Senate competition, congratulates Gary Peters on a bottle of scotch

A day after Michigan confirmed his election results, John James Republican Senate candidate John James recognized the race against current Democrat Gary Peters.

James posted on social media on Tuesday night, stating that although the race for the place is over, “the fight for the future of this great country will never end”.

“I am pleased that the Canvassers Board, chaired by Norman Shinkle, has asked the legislature to conduct a top-down review of the election law,” James said. – But it’s too late for me.

He thanked the supporters for their help during the campaign, but noted that he was glad we could all watch a football game and listen to music without being bombarded by political ads.

Peters beat James by about 92,000 votes, 49.9% of the vote, compared to James’s 48.2%. That’s closer to the difference Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in Michigan – more than 150,000 votes.

In 2018, James lost Senator Debbie Stabenow by 175,000 votes in the race for another Senate seat in Michigan.

Several press outlets declared Peters the winner on November 4, the day after the election. James nearly three weeks later refused to let go until Tuesday night.

James and his team questioned the Michigan election process, including a 30-page letter to the State Representatives Board asking them to verify Wayne County’s results and withhold proof of the election. The letter contained allegations of unbalanced public opinion books, improper storage of ballot papers, and errors in the processing of missing ballot papers.

In Monday’s video, James thanked his supporters and congratulated Peters on saying “this is the right thing”.

“Senator, you may not remember this, but you and I actually shared a glass of Scot at a Pistons game a few years ago. So in the spirit of the holidays, Senator, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is coming soon, James said. – Congratulations, sir. I wish you and your family good health and safety this season and the new year. “


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