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Jon Stewart Comic Congress to Ignore 11/11 First Respondents

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Jon Stewart, The former show host of The Daily Show, criticized members of Congress for not attending a Tuesday hearing on a program to provide health care in response to first aiders on September 11 -i attacks.

"Sick and dying, they brought themselves here to speak, and no one," Stewart said, pointing to a mostly empty daisy. – Shameful, embarrassed the country and the stain on the institution. You must be ashamed of those who are not here, but you will not be because accountability does not seem to be something that happens in this chamber.

Stewart, before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Affairs, Citizens 'and Citizens' Rights of the Judiciary Committee, confirmed that he had renewed his first health care fund. The majority of the 14 members of the panel were not present.

"Where are they? One thing would be if loyal indifference and prestigious hypocrisy would be benevolent, but not," Stewart said. "Their indifference is the most valuable commodity, the time, one thing they ran out of.

The fund, which was originally authorized for five years in 2010, provides medical treatment for inhaled emergency patients on the premises of the New York World Trade Center in the days following the attack.

Republicans were obstructed at the cost of the original legislation, and at that time, as a compromise, the Democrats agreed to allow the fund only for five years and to cover the costs with excise duty. It started fighting every five years for Congress to renew the program.

Stewart criticized the congress to continue claiming the fund every five years – pointing out to the panel's major Republican representative, Mike Johnson, saying that Congress should balance other emergencies as well.

"I'm sure what will happen in five years, more of these men and women will get sick and they will die and I'm very tired to hear that this is a 9/11 New York question," Stewart. Al-Qaeda did not die for Tribeca.

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