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Juan Guaido returns to Venezuela against the threat of arrest

"I hope they are mistaken for arresting them," said Carmen Herrera, who sold the Venezuelan flag to the protesters, saying it was unlikely that the government would succeed if she was detained. – I'm against Maduro.

US officials said they were still alert to Mr Guaido's security.

On Sunday, John R. Bolton, White House National Security Advisor, told Twitter that Mr Guaido would "respond from the United States and the international community with his arrest".

At the weekend, Mr. Bolton appeared in several television shows and explained his approach to the Venezuela administration. He stressed that he had built a coalition, instead of Mr Maduro, to help Venezuelan citizens, who are caused by the confusion.

In spite of the strong rhetoric rising, Trump's administrative officials are away from the military intervention theory in recent days, instead focusing on economic sanctions, hopefully helping to weaken Maduro and his supporters.

On Friday, Elliott Abrams, Chief Executive Officer of Venezuela, announced new visa restrictions for "dozens" near Mr Maduro. These restrictions, as well as the sanctions against at least 10 Venezuelan government officials and members of Maduro's inner circle, remain relatively modest.

On 23 February 2004, Mr Guaido left secretly Venezuela to help steer efforts to deliver emergency aid to Venezuela at border crossings in Colombia and Brazil. The effort was blocked by the Maduro Armed Forces and other loyalists and left Mr. Guaido in the law in Venezuela where he was facing a travel ban.

The restriction was decided by the Supreme Court of the country last month after the Venezuelan Attorney General asked for an investigation of the "violent events" that occurred before Mr Guaidó challenged Mr Maduro's legitimacy.

Last week, Juan Carlos Valdéz, Supreme Court Judge at the Supreme Court, told Russia's Sputnik news service that Mr. Guaidó could face a 30-year prison sentence for leaving the country.

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