Judge blocks further verification of PA election results

PENNYLVANIA – As the Trump campaign election lawsuit ran for life, a Pennsylvania state judge temporarily blocked further steps to verify the election results until a recently scheduled trial takes place by Friday.

The move comes just two days after Monday’s deadline, when counties must submit verified election results to the Pennsylvania State Department.

Governor Tom Wolf announced Tuesday that the state has already validated the results. But an order signed by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia A. McCullough said the suspension “applies to the extent that further results are available to improve the verification of results.”

Democratic state officials say the order has no effect on the appointment of 20 voters from Pennsylvania to the election college on Tuesday.

“This order will not affect yesterday’s election of voters,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro told Twitter on Wednesday. “We are currently filing an appeal with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.”

Pennsylvania has verified Tuesday’s election results, Governor Tom Wolf confirmed. Wolf said he signed Joe Biden’s voter ID.

A hearing will take place on Friday at 11:30. More specifically, the new language of the Trump campaign is aimed at the legality of Act 77, which was passed in a bipartisan manner in the state of Pennsylvania in October 2019.

This legislation allowed voters to drop off mail without justification, opening the door to primary and general elections before the massive influx of mail when the pandemic occurred.

“Today’s remarks by the sitting president were not real,” Shapiro added. “The election is over. Pennsylvania has got verified results and has declared Joe Biden the winner of our Commonwealth. Lying on a cell phone in a fake hearing doesn’t change anything.”