Judge dismisses criminal proceedings against Michael Flynn, citing presidential pardon

A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed criminal proceedings against Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to President Trump. Emmet G. Sullivan, a judge in the District Court for the District of Columbia, wrote in his decision that Trump’s pardon two weeks ago had become controversial before Flynn. “President Trump’s decision to seek clemency against Mr. Flynn is a political and not a legal decision,” Judge Sullivan wrote. “Since the law recognizes the political power of the president’s grace, the appropriate procedure is to take this case as controversial.” Nevertheless, the judge said he found the Ministry of Justice’s argument in favor of dismissing the case “to put it mildly in doubt”.

One of Flynn’s accusations lied to the FBI about Sergei Kislyak’s talks with Russian ambassador, as Special Adviser Robert Mueller’s investigation at the Trump White House revealed. Flynn initially pleaded guilty to the charge, but later filed a retrial. Attorney General William Barr later instructed the Department of Justice to dismiss the case, an unusual move that President Trump cheered.

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