Judge orders LA to provide shelter for slip dwellers until fall

A federal judge overseeing a voluminous lawsuit over homelessness in Los Angeles on Tuesday ordered the city and county to offer some shelter to the entire population of sliding homeless by October.

Judge David O. Carter made a preliminary injunction by the plaintiffs in the case last week and now tells the city and county that women and children unaccompanied in the slide must find accommodation within 90 days and then help families. Within 120 days, and finally until October 18, all homeless people will be offered in a sliding row house or shelter.

“Los Angeles has lost its parks, beaches, schools, sidewalks and freeway systems due to the inaction of city and county officials who have not allowed our homeless citizens to turn anywhere else,” wrote Carter’s 110-page Quotes from Abraham Lincoln and skid row’s first creation .

“The totality of rhetoric, promises, plans and budgets cannot obscure the shameful reality of this crisis – more homeless Angelenos are dying on the streets every year, and more homeless Angelenos are dying on the streets every year.”

Carter also wrote that “once they have been offered adequate shelter,” it will allow the city to enforce laws that keep streets and sidewalks away from tents, as long as they are consistent with previous legal decisions that have restricted compliance with such rules. .

Carter’s order follows after Mayor Eric Garcetti released his budget for the next fiscal year, which includes nearly $ 1 billion in spending on homelessness. The long-serving federal judge also ordered that “the $ 1 billion represented by Mayor Garcetti be immediately deposited, the sources of funding reported and reported to the Court within seven days”.

Carter also asked for a number of reports from city and county officials on how money has been and is being spent to fight homelessness. He would like to receive these reports within 90 days and ordered the cessation of the sale, lease or contract transfer of more than 14,000 urban properties until Inspector Ron Galperin reported them to the court and all properties in a similar position held by the county were pending in the county consultant’s report. ”

This is an evolving story that we will update.