Kamala Harris calls the virus as a teenager because of painting a portrait of the elected vice president

A portrait of a California teenager with an elected vice president Kamala Harris fortunately he called the woman who appreciated his work.

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Gordon shared a video of her conversation with the departed Senator of California On Twitter. “It’s just flooded with admiration for your artistry,” Harris told the Bay Area youth. – You really have a gift, my goodness. I was so touched to see it.

Tyler shared a timelapse video of how he painted his face with acrylic paint on an easel on Sunday. He said it took about 51 minutes. He showed the end product, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and asked his followers on Twitter to help Harris see it.

“I painted this picture of you and I hope you like it. Please please Rt and tag it to see this,” he tweeted.

His supporters intensified, and eventually it caught his attention Chelsea Clinton On Twitter. He labeled Harris and told him to look at his “beautiful portrait.”

Days later, Tyler received the hoped-for call. Harris thanked him and said that when he returned to his birthplace in Oakland, he wanted to meet him.

“That’s all it means to me,” she said. “And to be my home boy and to do something like that is very touching.”

Learning that Tyler had called, Clinton suggested that the work follow Harris to Washington.

“The portrait of the girl deserves a prominent place in the number one observation circle (where Vice President Harris and @DouglasEmhoff lives on January 20). Thanksgiving for Kamala & Tyler on Thanksgiving! “- written by.

Tyler, who met people like Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and other celebrities of his art told local television that Harris was an inspiring figure for him because he had overcome obstacles to reach his place.

“I broke through a lot of hurdles, and I myself broke through a lot of hurdles, sat in a wheelchair for two years, and have been deaf since I was six,” he said. “I’ve broken through a lot of obstacles, and I feel like he represents that.”