Kamala Harris, Mayor of DC Bowser visits the holiday market to promote small businesses

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband broke her wallet for a small business Saturday near the DC Holiday Market near Gallery Place.

One of DC’s most famous shoppers and her husband broke her wallet for a small business Saturday near the DC Holiday Market near Gallery Place.

Kamala Harris, elected vice president and her husband, Doug Emhoff, visited Mayor Muriel Bowser at the newly opened, socially remote outdoor market in downtown DC.

According to media reports, Harris and Emhoff spent about 25 minutes visiting stalls in the market and buying puzzles from the New York Puzzle Company, as well as printing various cheeses from Marcella Kriebel Art and Illustration.

A pool reporter said many shouted “congratulations” to the future vice president.

The image below was posted on Twitter by a pool reporter.

Harris laughed when he saw the “Madam Vice President” t-shirt in the Pop-Up Collaborative: Made in DC booth, and finally Emhoff bought him the shirt.

Harris asked a few questions and made a statement about his market journey that could serve as an example to support small businesses during a coronavirus epidemic.

“We want to support our small businesses, which have always been an essential part of the vitality of the community, part of the civic and social fabric of the community. And unfortunately, since the launch of COVID, one in four small businesses in Hungary has closed. We know we are going to get over this virus and we want to be sure to sustain these small businesses to help them at this moment so that they can continue what they are doing, which is actually not just business leaders, but they are civilian leaders ”- He told.

Harris answered the question of whether President-elect Joe Biden passed into the White House in early 2021 and whether they were held back by the lack of cooperation from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Harris said he and Biden met with a number of people – “from workforce leaders to Fortune 500 executives” to prepare for the transition.

He also burst out laughing when asked if Trump could run for president again in four years.

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