Kansas mayor resigns after threatening masked mandate: “I no longer feel safe in this situation”

The mayor of West Kansas announced on Tuesday his immediate resignation over threats he received after publicly supporting the mask mandate COVID-19 pandemic. Dodge Mayor Joyce Warshaw said she was concerned about her safety after she ran into aggression, including threats over the phone and email, after being quoted in a USA Today article in Friday that supports the mask commission, The Dodge City Globe reported.

Dodge City Mayor Joyce Warshaw

Twitter / @warshawjoyce

“Life has solved many challenges in our world that may have wronged many people, but I no longer feel safe in this situation and I hope to remove this anger from myself, the accusations and abuse will not fall on anyone and they will calm down. “,” Warshaw wrote in his resignation letter.

The committee voted for the introduction of a mask mandate on 4-1 November 16, with several exceptions.

In Ford County, where Dodge City is located, 4,914 COVID-19 cases have been registered since the outbreak began, according to the state health department. There are about 33,600 inhabitants in the county.

Public health officials requested this wearing a universal mask to help slow the spread of the killing pandemic more than 300,000 Americans.

Warshaw said despite the threats, he didn’t mind voting for the mask mandate.

“It’s harder for me than people realize,” Warshaw said as he began to cry. “I love this city very much with all my heart. I still believe in this city and I believe they can do no harm to each other.”

Warshaw told MSNBC on Wednesday that he had evacuated from Dodge City. He also said he changed his political record from Republican to non-Associated, “simply because the Republican Party is not the Republican Party I know.”

Some of the threatening emails were handed over to the police. No specific details of the threats were provided.

Drew Francis, Dodge City Police Chief, said the department is examining communications to determine its response.