Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s MAGY-loving defense team Implodes

While Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for killing two people in a Wisconsin Kenosha demonstration at the Black Lives Matter this summer, his lawyers are on the crosshairs of prosecutors.

From the beginning of the far-reaching case, Rittenhouse’s lawyers have attracted almost as much attention as he has. Now, his 17-year-old young lawyer, John Pierce, is not in the case after prosecutors argued that Rittenhouse’s fundraisers could act as a “Latin foundation” for the sloppy lawyer. Another prominent lawyer associated with Rittenhouse, Lin Wood, also appears to have turned away from the case in order to focus his efforts on overthrowing President Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss.

Rittenhouse was charged with reckless homicide after two people were killed and a third person wounded in a protest in August. He did not plead guilty and says he acted in self-defense.