Kentucky vs. Kansas score, takeaway: Jalen Wilson leads Jayhawks rally to give Wildcats second straight defeat

Kansas scored an average of 92 points in their first two games in the 1-1 start before the severity of the 7th Jayhawks substitution finally seemed to catch up with them at Tuesday night’s No. 20 Kentucky showdown. The Wildcats held Kansas at just five points in the first 10 minutes, and it suddenly seemed painfully clear how much Jayhawks missed Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike’s duo last season.

But then another star appeared for Kansas. Redshirt starting striker Jalen Wilson exploded 21 out of 23 points in the second half, leading the Jayhawks back from a 13-point first-half disadvantage and winning 65-62 against Kentucky in Indianapolis as part of the Champions Classic.

Wilson’s offensive outbreak breathed life into a Kansas team that hit just 30% of its shots as senior leader Marcus Garrett was dealing with an illness that seemingly limited his stamina. Eventually, a familiar recipe helped Kansas close the deal: defense. The Jayhawks only shot Kentucky out of 3 out of 21 from a 3-point distance as they suffered a second straight loss to the Wildcats.

First-year center Isaiah Jackson had 12 rebounds, eight blocks and seven points on the Kentucky team. But just like in Sunday’s 76-63 defeat to Richmond, Kentucky suffered offensive trouble on the stretch.