King of Trump TV thinks you’re stupid enough to buy

Newsmax has reversed the usual media business dynamics. The company is losing money on television and making money on the internet, although Mr Ruddy told me that he expects “cable and OTT television revenues will be stronger and more consistent than online business over the next 10 years”.

Newsmax has built a solid and unusual business by satisfying the demographic group of 50 and older, known in the document shared with investors as “Boomers and Beyond”. The voice of the website, the large and lucrative email lists, and the products — from books to magazines to vitamin supplements — have the voice of conservative direct correspondence. And it works: The company projected revenue for 2018 to be more than $ 59 million, split between advertising, subscriptions, and e-commerce. (One of the app’s sponsors sold health advice last week and asked, “Is the pandemic a lie?”)

Newsmax raised money to fund the TV’s ambitions. “Some investors,” private capital, Mr. Ruddy said, for renovating the studios and hiring people like Mr. Kelly and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to host World War II documentary hours. and deliver conservative radio speakers, including Howie Carr of Boston. Investors say they are domestic, despite a Politico report (recorded by Breitbart) indicating that it was negotiating from Qatar. Mr Ruddy said he had sent proposals to a number of sovereign wealth funds, among others, but had not raised foreign investment. He blames his former rival, Stephen Bannon, for pushing Qatar’s story, but such better anger is fleeting in the often-changing alliances of the new right: Mr. Bannon’s podcast, “War Room,” is also aired late tonight by Newsmax. on weekdays.

Newsmax now needs to raise more money, or sell it quickly, if it will further develop its talent and production quality to take advantage of Fox News – which has nervously tried to prevent guests from appearing on the network.

When I forced Mr. Ruddy, why he’s sweeping his audience along with a story he himself doesn’t really believe – that Mr. Trump won the election – didn’t really defend him. Instead, he objected that he was not the only one. “The liberal media pushed this Russian fake theory for two years, and there seemed to be no grounding at the end of the day, and it was a pretty compelling, captivating story — contradictory personalities, things happened, sparks flew,” he said.

Newsmax continues to tell a captivating story. On Friday night, Mr. Kelly referred to Joe Biden’s “alleged victory,” held a long interview with Rudy Giuliani, and later turned to an analyst who “gave Trump a 35 to 40 percent chance of winning that”. The 20-hour presenter, Grant Stinchfield, announced that “the momentum seems to be returning in favor of the president,” and interviewed Trump’s attorney, Jenna Ellis, and a Pennsylvania state senator, who tried to withdraw the state’s election certificate.

Mr. Ruddy’s cynicism has returned to the biggest ditch the conservative media has made against mainstream media: journalists say conservatives are stupid. Tucker Carlson regularly tells his audience that New York college-educated snobs who see the presidency of major stores view conservatives as sophisticated rubbing, misled by misinformation, rather than people who truly believe in what Mr Trump advocates, for example. in immigration. sharply narrowed. Attacks on the media are often false, but the coastal media sometimes fails to understand people who are not like them, left and right, and sometimes patronizes their audiences.