Krebs investigates legal ‘options’ after Trump’s campaign lawyer says’ should be shot

Christopher Krebs, a former U.S. cybersecurity official who was fired President TrumpDonald John Trump: Geraldo Rivera doubts Trump, who is sowing the election result: “That’s enough” Murkowski: Trump has to confess to the White House contest. Scott Atlas resigns from Trump’s coronavirus consultant MORE last month, he said he was looking into ‘legal options’ after Trump’s re-election campaign lawyer said Krebs was ‘to be shot’.

Joe diGenova said during an interview in “The Howie Carr Show,” that Krebs was a “Class A debut,” for not agreeing with the president’s claim that the 2020 election was marred. The lawyer added that Krebs “should be drawn and quartered. He was taken out and shot at dawn.

During his appearance on NBC’s “Today,” Tuesday, Krebs said diGenova’s remarks were “more dangerous behavior.” He added that he plans to “exploit” the law.

“We are a nation of laws and I plan to take advantage of those laws,” Krebs said. “I have an exceptional team of lawyers who will win in court and I think they will probably be busy.”

Asked whether legal action could be taken based on diGenova’s comments, Krebs said he and his team were “exploring all available options”.

Trump fired Krebst in November, after the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a statement stating that the 2020 elections were “the safest in U.S. history” and dispelling allegations that voting systems were damaged.

The statement outraged the president, who said it was “very inaccurate” and claimed without evidence that “there were huge irregularities and fraud”.

However, Krebs said one60 minInterview to stick to your comments.

“We did a good job. We did well. I would do it a thousand times, ”he said.

For weeks, the president has unfoundedly claimed that the election was stolen by the president-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenGeraldo Rivera questions Trump on election results: “Enough is now” – Senate approves two energy regulators, complementing Murkowski body: Trump must allow MORE for White House competition through huge voter fraud and legal challenges to challenge the results.

Legal challenges have largely failed, and several key battlefield states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, have already vindicated their election results in favor of Biden.