LA County official saw him eating out after voting to ban outdoor eating

Sheila Kuehl, the Los Angeles County Superintendent, had dinner at her favorite restaurant – shortly after she voted to ban outdoor dining.

Last week, amid a coronavirus outbreak in Southern California, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to ban outdoor meals if certain cases and hospital metrics are met, NBC Los Angeles writes.

Los Angeles County passed the case count just before Thanksgiving, and the ban went into effect Wednesday night, a day after the board voted 3-2 to maintain the ban.

Before voting to enforce the ban, Kuehl said it was “somewhat magical thinking” to believe that any server or bus person in any restaurant can always keep the six-foot distance recommended by public health officials to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

“We sit there without masks,” Kuehl said of most outdoor dining.

“I think it’s sad, but I support that,” he said when he voted for the outdoor eating ban last Tuesday. Hours later, they noticed that he was eating outdoors.

Kuehl spokeswoman Barbara Osborn confirmed the reports.

“Superintendent Kuehl had free dinner at Il Forno last day, it was allowed,” Osborn wrote in an email to NBC News, referring to the Il Forno restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

“He loves Il Forno, he was sad to see that – like so many restaurants – his revenue is declining,” Osborn said. “He ate there, taking the proper precautions, and will not have dinner there until our public health regulations allow it.”