LA County Superintendent Visits Restaurant After Voting for Outdoor Dining Ban: Report

Los Angeles County Superintendent Sheila Kuehl visited a restaurant in Santa Monica, California last week, just hours after the report said COVID-19 voted to vote for outdoor meals at county restaurants because of safety concerns.

Kuehl was seen outside for dinner at Il Forno Trattoria, an Italian restaurant near his house, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported. He called outdoor dining the “most dangerous situation” at a meeting of an LA County Supervisory Board last Tuesday.

“This is a serious health emergency and we need to take it seriously,” Kuehl said. “Servers are not protected from us, nor are they protected from the other tables they serve at a given time, as well as all the hours they work on.”


Sheila Kuehl at LA Pride in 2019 on June 7, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage)

Sheila Kuehl at LA Pride in 2019 on June 7, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage)

According to the station, Kuehl’s restaurant visit took place before the outdoor eating ban took effect. Restaurant executives told Fox 11 Bill Melugin they “don’t want to go in,” and a Kuehl spokesman made the following statement.

“He had dinner at Il Forno on the last day when it was allowed.” He loves Il Forno, it was sad to see that, like so many restaurants, he was suffering from declining revenues. He ate there, taking the proper precautions, and unfortunately he will not have dinner there until our public health regulations give permission for it, “the statement said.

Kuehl’s office did not respond immediately to Fox News’s late-night comment request

Kuehl, along with supervisors Hilda Solis and Mark Ridley-Thomas, voiced support for the 3-2 difference order. The chairman of the supervisory board, Kathryn Barger and supervisor Janice Hahn, failed to present her last-minute action to annul the decision.

Barger spoke to FOX Business after the board meeting Tuesday night as some health officials acknowledged that there was no concrete scientific evidence to support claims of a direct link between outdoor meals and the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Muntu Davis, LA County Health Officer, said that “the best information available to us specifically for restaurants” was a study by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), which targeted 11 different outpatient health facilities in 10 states, The coronavirus had twice the chance of having dinner at a restaurant.

The study did not provide specific data to differentiate the rate of infection between outdoor and indoor meals, according to reports. It was also done on a larger scale, not for the Los Angeles County community.

“Because [Dr. Davis] to say they depend on the CDC when we did this for seven months and actually did checks that we don’t have data on, yet we’re targeting an industry and we’re going to target rising cases [restaurants] it’s irresponsible to me, Barger said.


He claimed that data from the Department of Public Health showed that only 10-15% of reported positive cases came from someone having dinner at a company that tested positive, while more than 50% reported having a private test. he was at a gathering with someone who gave a positive result.

“It’s frustrating for me to do something that has nothing to do with surges, none of them,” she said. “We know what it is. It’s about public gatherings. With the closure of restaurants, many of these people who have reservations are going where? Congregations with other families because many of them had no plans. So I think it’s going to have the exact opposite effect.”

The order was issued before Thanksgiving amid growing numbers of cases and hospitalizations. It is expected to last for at least three weeks.

At least 381,535 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 7,249 deaths have been reported since Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reports.


Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that a “drastic” new closure order may be needed if coronavirus cases continue to multiply.

Fox Business Lucas Manfredi contributed to the report