LA issues home rules in the middle of the COVID-19 summit

The City of Los Angeles issued a revised home residence policy Wednesday night that reflects the rules in LA County that went into effect on Monday.

The city order prohibits gatherings of people outside direct households, with a few exceptions, such as religious services and protests.

While the order tells people to stay at home, retail businesses can stay open “even after the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has implemented personal retail facilities”.

Parks and courses remain open, as well as golf courses, tennis courts and beaches. Music and television production is allowed.

“City and county orders are the same. There have been minor differences in the past, but they are the same now, ”said Alex Comisar, spokesman for Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“My message couldn’t be simpler: It’s time for us to come down,” Garcetti said Wednesday. – It’s time to delete everything. And if it’s not essential, don’t do it. “

– Do not meet others outside your household. Don’t hold a gathering, don’t attend a gathering, and follow a targeted, safer order at home, if you can stay home, stay home. Just be smart and stay away from each other.

The county rules, though less stringent than the home stay initiated in the spring, are still the strongest restrictions for months.

Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County’s director of public health, said Saturday that officials hope the tighter restrictions will be enough to slow the spread of the coronavirus without having to indulge in tougher measures.

If people don’t follow safety precautions, he said, it’s possible the county could find him himself where he was in early spring. Governor Gavin Newsom also said it might be necessary to stay home across the country as COVID-19 cases rise to unprecedented levels.

The number of Californians hospitalized with the coronavirus rose to a record high for the fourth day – rising to over 8,000, while they remained worried that a sustained rise in patients could eventually flood the state’s health care system.