LA Supes maintains an outdoor eating ban as soon as the fight becomes messy

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At least one LA county official is pushed back against the newly introduced ban on outdoor dining, even when LA is on the move closer to a full home order. Superintendent Kathryn Barger said she believes the shutdown of Al Fresco will hurt local businesses, many of which are already hanging on a chain.

“Thousands of dollars have been invested across the county to ensure the safety of their employees and customers,” he said in a statement. “Just to punish them for the recent surge and they did everything they could to prevent them.”

The the ban was announced on Sundayand will take effect on Wednesday. He notes that restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries can only offer exceptions and transportation for three weeks.

Officials reported a five-day average of new coronavirus cases in excess of 4,000. A warning was issued last week that further restrictions could come if cases continue to rise – and continue to rise.

On Monday, the county reported another record number of cases – confirming a whopping 6,124 positive test results, more than what we saw in a single day during the entire epidemic.

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Today, November 24th

After months of neighborhood tension and several fires homeless residents camped in tents along the Penmar golf course in Venice through Project RoomKey, they offer a chance to live, according to reports Aaron Schrank.

The Bobcat fire burned 16 of the 81 historic cabins in Big Santa Anita Canyonwhen he broke through the region in September, he writes Sharon McNary. Some residents are eventually led back to the canyon to see what’s left.

COVID-19 threatened their explosive growth, however Restaurants in Southern California are constantly struggling to make it work. LAist contributor Sean Malin he looks into the effort.

The LA County Board of Supervisors votes for new county-level youth development department, with the aim of serving minors in a more holistic way, through a first approach to care. Robert Garrova you will have the story.

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The last 24 hours in LA

COVID Thanksgiving: LAUSD tooth 1.5 million meals are distributed on Wednesday to take families in need through the festive weekend. Thanksgiving was one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrations for animated films, however theater tours during the current COVID-19 wave they do not happen. As families look for ways to celebrate safely, a woman from Burbank plans to lead to your children’s home to deliver and pick up food instead of the traditional family dinner. Passengers who he chooses to travel despite the CDC’s recommendations it faces certain challenges of social distance.

Police law enforcement inspection: The LA County coroner will conduct a formal investigation Andres Guardado’s deadly deputy shooting – this kind for more than 30 years.

Coronavirus updates: LA County COVID-19 cases reached the required five-day average they trigger a new home order. LA Superintendent, Kathryn Barger he says he opposes the newly revised county public health order to ban personal meals for the next three weeks. Korm. Newsom provided an update on the coronavirus from his home while being quarantined after his family was exposed. COVID contributes decline in international students at local colleges, but enrollment has already declined amid anti-immigrant sentiment.

Biden’s White House: Joe Biden is elected president selected Alejandro Mayorkas, LA to the head of the Ministry of Homeland Security. THE conversation between two political strategists, a Republican and a Democrat, on what comes next with immigration policy in the Biden White House.

You need to do the following: Attend a virtual dance party, discover the glory of slime, volunteer to help the homeless and much more during the week. best online and IRL events.

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Juana has it sold guatemala carne asada and caldo de gallina In Westlake for 12 years. When the epidemic began, it did not work for nearly eight months. His customers kept asking him to come back.

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