Lame duck pardons Turkey: Trump faces reality at silent Thanksgiving event American News

It was a sad sight. Here was an aging comic with which the audience narrows, its conspicuous jokes land, its star begins to fade.

Donald Trump suddenly finds himself where he has never been before: a secondary story overshadowed by Joe Biden and no longer dominating the news cycle.

On Tuesday, Biden introduced the brainy adults of his waiting government at a serious event and gave a great speech on restoring America’s moral leadership and saving the planet from the climate crisis.

An hour later, in the White House, a turkey was pardoned by a lame duck who discovered how volatile the media circus could be.

The gathering in the rose garden was, of course, reduced by the coronavirus epidemic, but his last Thanksgiving ceremony was a muted affair that also struggled among the cable news.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States and Ms. Trump,” an announcer said. The words suddenly suffice as the abnormal administration turns black.

Trump, faithfully to the end, started by praising the Dow Jones industry average of 30,000 for the first time. He praised his wife, Melania, for renewing the Rose Garden and welcomed his daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared, who might be considering their bumpy return to New York society.

“Will you forgive yourself?”: Trump ignores questions after pardoning Turkey – video

Trump talked about the tradition of presidents sparing birds from the Thanksgiving table, dating back to Abraham Lincoln, and receiving official grace every year since George HW Bush. This year’s pair, Corn and Cob, were selected from the official 30-member presidential staff, he said. – Some real beauty.

The President spoke about the love of the nation’s farmers and the 400th anniversary of the arrival of pilgrims to Mayflower. He thanked doctors, nurses, health care workers and scientists who fought the coronavirus epidemic and tried to get vaccinated, but could not resist using the term “Chinese virus” for the sake of old, or to express their condolences to the quarter families. million Americans dead.

“We send our love to all members of the armed forces and law enforcement heroes, risking their lives to make America safe, make America great, and like I say,‘ America is first, ’” Trump said. “We must not go from this: America first.

This sounded like a weak plea from a dying ruler, given that Biden had just vividly brought back the Barack Obama band and explicitly rejected “America First”.

Trump’s brief remarks lacked the puns of the Obama years that made his daughters jerk, or Trump’s own naughty jokes in 2018 over an online vote that Turkey should survive – “It was a fair choice. Unfortunately, Carrot refused to let go and demanded a recount, and we continue to fight Carrots ”- or the grim humor of taking responsibility for ourselves a year ago.

The reality of loss is obviously not a ridiculous thing for a self-proclaimed, lifelong winner. Earlier Tuesday, Trump retweeted a picture that he was researching the Resolute desk of the Oval Office, with the caption, “I don’t recognize anything !!!!!”

A man spooned Corn at a table decorated with autumn flowers and mini pumpkins. Trump and Melania walked over. Trump said with a raised hand, “Look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. Oh, so lucky. This is a lucky bird. Corn, I hereby grant you complete grace. Thank you, Corn. What a bird. Thanks.”

He added: “Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Thank you very much. Thank you everyone. Be a good one.

It so happened that when Biden was about to take over the reins of power, Trump retained the equivalent of a ribbon cut. The one-time champion of attention has lost the crown of a challenger he considers unworthy. When he left, reporters shouted, “Mr. President, would you grant yourself a pardon?” and “Invite President-elect Biden?”

No answer came. The man who could never stop talking to reporters now made a vow to listen. Getting an election result is as embarrassing as talking to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by a divorced couple.