The supersonic jet raid on the United States and Mexico's Laughlin Air Force in Texas crashed, a pilot was killed and taken to another hospital.

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The "supersonic ray" crashed shortly before 8 o'clock. On Tuesday, with a Texas military base on the US and Mexico border, by killing a pilot and another in a hospital, according to officials.

Aircraft T-38C Talon radius approx. He crashed at 7:40. Tuesday at Laughlin Air Force, about 150 miles west of San Antonio. The status of the surviving pilot was not immediately filed, and the names came from the closest relatives, according to the Facebook page of the base.

The accident was less than a year after Paul J. "Shot" Barbour was killed when a T-38C Talon caught it. 20 November 2017 near Amistad Lake. The cause of the accident is the complete hydraulic failure of the jet engine. The other pilot, Captain Joshua Hammervold, an instructor pilot for the 87th Flying Training Squadron was safely shot and treated and released from the Val Verde Regional Medical Center.

Despite the fact that the T-38 release system would have to Barbour from Barbour, the instructor pilot could not lift the seat on a backlight checklist and was trapped when the jet was about 14 miles down Texas Del Rio's part.

Laughlin suspended the plane after about one week of crash to mourn at the base time.

In September, the T-38 hit the Shepard AFB near the Wichita Falls.

Both pilots in this crash – the German Air Force Pilot, Christian C. Hartmann and the US Air Force pilot, Charles T. Walet – were taken out of the aircraft. Both survived.

The collapse will only come in a few days after the top management at the Texas-Mexico border has been released from service.

The South Texas pilot camp was removed by three commanders for events that caused some staffs to be unsafe or unreserved by the San Antonio Express News news.

In February, the Air Force announced that it would gradually abolish the T-38C Talon and replace it with T-X in 2022.

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