Laura Ingraham admits Trump is over, says “Biden is inaugurated”

Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham kicked off Monday night’s program by bringing the harsh reality to her viewers that President Donald Trump will not remain commander-in-chief, letting them know she is betraying a “false reality” if she claims the Supreme Court will win Trumpnak.

Acknowledging that the president and his administration have finally made it possible to conduct a formal transition process with President-elect Joe Biden, the pro-Trump host has voiced a voice about the declining legal challenges of Trump’s position to overthrow the election.

“As unpleasant and disappointing as the last three weeks have been for many of us, no matter how much we want things to be different, things are here tonight,” he sighed, adding, “Unless the legal situation is dramatic and unlikely, Joe Bidenet on January 20th. shall be inaugurated on

Ingraham, who has repeatedly given credit to the president’s baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud, reassured viewers that “that doesn’t mean I don’t think there would be plenty of problems and potential fraud in the election”. He had also pushed back dissatisfied Trump supporters before, who could argue over accepting the strict truth.

“If I say that doesn’t mean selling the conservative populist movement I’m fighting for, I don’t know for 25 years,” Ingraham declared. “And that doesn’t mean I don’t agree at all with the president’s right and obligation to address all the legitimate legal challenges to that outcome.”

The star of the main show then told his audience that the president was really over.

“Saying that means living in reality,” she declared. “And if I were to offer you a false reality, if I were to say that there is an excellent, phenomenal chance that the Supreme Court will take action and win President Trump, I would be lying to you.”

After giving this bitter pill to his viewers, Ingraham boasted in the next few minutes that he had reached the presidency while personally crediting him with the achievements of Republicans in the House of Representatives and the state legislature. He also expressed hope that Trump would announce a series of rallies in Georgia to “celebrate his huge successes” while campaigning for the two Senate running races.

Finally, he seemed to be sending a direct message to the president urging him to appoint an electoral reform commission to investigate voting irregularities in key booming states. At the same time, he told Trump what he should not do after leaving office.

“Believe me, I think Democrats are hoping or accepting that President Trump is talking about the election being cheated and so on,” he said. “I don’t think it would be necessary to constantly replace this in public court because a huge percentage of Americans already believe that.”

The moment Ingraham came to Jesus, with the widely accepted outcome of the election, came just hours after Tucker Carlson, Fox’s main star he claimed that the election He was “not fair” and “disappointed” against Trump. Carlson, however, was not entirely satisfied with the President’s legal challenges; last week, Trump’s current lawyer, Sidney Powell, was blown up because he has no evidence to support voter fraud.