LeBron James says he is considering buying the Atlanta Dream after WNBA team owner Kelly Loeffler loses Senate competition

CLEVELAND, Ohio – LeBron James has won several NBA tournaments, founded a public school and runs a Hollywood entertainment company. Can you add the WNBA team owner to your resume?

“I think I lost the Dream Ownership Group.” Whose? # BlackVotesMatter✊🏾 “tweeted the former Cavaliers star after Atlanta Dream co-owner Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) lost her seat to Democrat Raphael Warnock in Tuesday’s outbound election.

In his post, James took a photo of Dream players who helped raise Warnock’s profile in August by wearing “Vote Warnock” t-shirts. Loeffler, who co-owns the dream with Mary Brock but is not involved in day-to-day operations, has angered players on his team and throughout the league over criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement and the WNBA’s support for social justice. OK.

James also played his own role in the election. The organization of more than one vote was active in Georgia, working to increase turnout and prevent the repression of black voters.

However, Loeffler made no indication that he sold part of Dream that finished 7-15 last season and missed the playoffs in the second straight season.

“They can’t push me out because of my views,” he told ESPN in July. “I intend to own the team. I’m not going.”