Lillard, Curry steals the show, LeBron wins NBA 2021 All-Star

The three-point shooting ended roughly half an hour before the start of the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, but in one half of the show it became clear that the LeBron team didn’t really get that record. Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry traded loosely with 43 feet at the end of the first half – which wouldn’t have been a problem if they hadn’t on the same team – the culmination of race 27-8, which gave the LeBron team a 20-point lead at halftime. Despite the occasional horror, the star-studded group clung to victory for the rest of the game, reaping a 170-150 victory.

This Curry and Lillard dam was the highlight of the game. In 12 seconds, they both hit the three-pointers, just one step inside the halfway, and effectively pushed the boundaries expected of the NBA, even in an All-Star match.

Apart from the guards, the most valuable player in the game, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was the most important. In the double regular season, the MVP finished with 35 points and 7 rebounds with an All-Star field record of 16-16 and three three-pointers.

Because Team LeBron’s offensive attack was so versatile, the game never seemed in jeopardy after the run already mentioned in the first half. Lillard was late in the All-Star Game MVP with his final score 11 points for the LeBron team a looooong (A simple “long” doesn’t do it fairly) A three-point from 40 meters that finally finished the race.

Don’t try to be surprised.

Lillard’s touch was contagious during filming; He finished with 32 points out of 20 out of 20 in the field, with eight eight points. Next to him, Jaylen Brown and Paul George, the Los Angeles Clippers warmed up in the final frame, en route to a 22-point performance, respectively.

Rounding out the rest of the main contributors, Chris Paul served as the floor general, who provided 16 assists with eight rebounds and six points, as well as an alley dunk to turn the clock back to 2007.

The LeBron team flapped their wrists together and pointed to 31 eye-opening three-pointers in 61 attempts. Formulate another victory for LeBron James GM, who went 4-0 in the All-Star Draft era. And because of his attraction to Lillard, they’ve both teamed up unbeaten in the last three seasons.

On the other hand, the Durant team seemed to be missing only a small portion of their own GM. Durant didn’t play, and while they received a balanced effort from their stars – Brooklyn Nets stars James Harden and Kyrie Irving all scored 20+ successfully, as did Jayson Tatum and lead rider Bradley Beal – it was clear they needed to keep up the pace. with the long-term acquisition of the LeBron team.

In terms of Xk and Ok, there wasn’t much to unfold. Except for a few fortunes, there wasn’t much defense. There was no need to chew nails due to the lack of tight play. Both sides left intensity in their own cities, but at least during the weekend celebrations, they brought their offensive firepower to Atlanta.

Overall, Sunday night can be considered a victory for the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard was one of the absolute best in the game. His teammate Anfernee Simons came to the center at halftime by winning the Slam Dunk Contest. Meanwhile, Robert Covington made the HBCUs proud to compete in the Skills Challenge.

And perhaps most importantly at the moment, the Blazers are waiting for the return of several soon-to-be-healthy contributors from their own rosters. The pain may have been brought to Atlanta, but hopefully healthy luck will underpin them as the second half of the schedule starts on March 11th.

The Blazers have a chance to bridge the gap between themselves and the power of the upper-level Western conference as they fight the Phoenix Suns on Thursday, March 11 at 5:30 p.m.

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