Limbaugh: Trump’s legal team is better off producing something quickly

Conservative radio presenter Rush Limbaugh said President TrumpDonald John TrumpBiden nominates Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador: Scranton reportedly dedicates “Joe Biden Way” in honor of Kasich’s elected president: Republicans are “either completely closed” or “afraid” of Trump MOREYour legal team is running out of time to provide evidence of voter fraud if they hope to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

In his show on Monday, Limbaugh spoke at a lengthy press conference by Trump’s legal team last week, which provoked bipartisan criticism for the nature of the allegations and the lack of evidence submitted.

“I’ve spoken to so many people who stemmed from the nature of this press conference.” Limbaugh said. “They promised pieces of success, and then nothing happened. And it’s just not good.”

“If you’re going to do a press conference like this, with the promise of blockbusters, there has to be something more than what the press conference provided,” he added.

Limbaugh’s remarks are remarkable, given that he is one of Trump’s closest allies among conservative commentators. In his speech on the state of the Union this year, Trump presented Limbaugh with a freedom medal.

Trump’s lawyers claimed last week that democratic election officials in key battlefield states had conspired to commit mass electoral fraud in order to get the elected president to move. Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden nominates Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador: Scranton is reportedly dedicating “Joe Biden Way” in honor of Kasich’s elected president: Republicans are “either completely closed” or “afraid” of Trump MORElike. Leading lawyer Rudy Giuliani did not provide evidence for these allegations, but said his team had sworn in people who claimed to have witnessed “irregularities” on or around election day.

Another conservative lawyer, Sidney Powell, said at the press conference that a Denver-based company supplying voting machines used technology developed by the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, suggesting that communist money ruined the U.S. election process.

Late Sunday night, the Trump campaign, distancing itself from Powell, issued a statement saying he was “not a member of the Trump Legal Team.”

“Now Sidney Powell is supposed to be out, jumping the shark, getting off the skis, but apparently he’ll still work with Lin Wood and try to reach the case he thinks is all the way there,” Limbaugh said, referring to an Atlanta lawyer. who filed a lawsuit to try to stop justifying the Georgian election.

“Of course, time is of the essence now, as it will disappear quickly. They need to act quickly,” Limbaugh said.

Trump refused to allow the election to Biden, and his campaign filed lawsuits in several states on allegations of voter fraud, but provided no evidence.

Several key battlefield states have already begun the process of verifying election results.

Judges in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuits, citing a lack of merit. The Trump campaign appealed most of the decisions made against them.