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Lindsey Graham warns that the United States will put an end to the North Korean nuclear threat in one way or another.

Republicans of South Carolina said "they are encouraged to continue the conversation" with North Korea after Trump could not make any official promise at the Kimhan Summit in Vietnam, but Graham also warned that the clock was ticking negotiators persuade Pyongyang to hand over his nuclear arsenal peacefully.

"There's just one good deal: North Korea's total security for guarantees and economic support," Graham said.

"We should not go back to the status quo," he added. "If the negotiations fail, it's time to end the North Korean nuclear threat – one way or another."

Later on Thursday, Graham referred to Kim as "Rocket Man", which was given by Trump in 2017 to Trump in North Korea, while speaking at a conservative political action conference in Maryland.

"Speaking of Rocket Man, he couldn't be here, and if he didn't get a job with Trump, he wouldn't be much longer. The President is on the road. that Trump means business, he told the audience.

"Dangerous Consequences"

This whole or no view reflected some nuclear weapon experts who believe that Graham's suggestions can have dangerous consequences if Trump decides to follow his advice.

"Graham Graham insists on a dangerous world, which fortunately does not exist," said Adam Mount, leader and director of the posture project of the American Association of Scientists.

"In this fantasy, Trump did not praise and flatter the despot, the pressure of the sanctions was drastically more effective than it was, and the risks of the nuclear war are acceptable. They must all be very grateful that Graham works fantastically in the world, not the administration," he said.

This is also contrary to what US intelligence officials told the legislator last month about Kim's willingness to give up his nuclear arsenal.

"We are currently assessing whether North Korea is trying to preserve the capabilities of weapons of mass destruction, and it is unlikely that it will completely abandon nuclear weapons and production capacity, as leaders ultimately consider nuclear weapons critical to the survival of the system," said Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence . time.

Yet, Graham has become an effective foreign policy advisor to the President and a diligent ally in the government's extensive affair.

Trump speaks again with a dictator, says Kim didn't know about Warmbier

In contrast, he did not take Trump out of public criticism of cases in which he disagreed, including the more diplomatic rhetoric of the President towards Kim, which leads to the second summit.

"This shit of love has to stop," Graham said in October about Trump's praise for the North Korean dictator.

Trump's performance in Hanoi seems to have made little difference to Graham's view that the United States should take a tough line in North Korea, even if it is considering using pre-emptive military force if Kim rejects the entire nuclear weapons program.

Despite repeatedly saying he hopes that military capabilities will never be deployed, Graham has once again made it clear on Thursday that he believes that the United States should be ready to use North Korean violence in advance if necessary .

In 2017, when the tensions between the United States and North Korea were undoubtedly the highest, Graham predicted that there was a 30% chance for Trump to strike in North Korea for the first time to prevent the evil nation from having a nuclear weapon that can hit the United States. States.

Graham said he was referring to a pre-emptive strike, he said, "Sanctions will never work fully without the danger of a credible military force. stay in power?

"The only way to change your behavior if you think Donald Trump would use military force to destroy his regime," he added, noting that his prediction of the chances of a North Korean war "had been built for a long time" with President Trump.

Graham continues to maintain that Trump should take a tough line in North Korea, even if tensions have begun, but openly criticize President Kim for his recent public praise.

Questions about Trump's approach

Graham's terrible words did not do much to drive Trump's enthusiasm to the summit, but the President was unable to secure a formal nuclear weapons agreement in Hanoi and raised questions again about the administration's diplomatic approach.

"This is the easiest signal in a year when the two sides talk. The next step is to reassess the US negotiating policy."

North Korea only partially abolished sanctions at the summit with Trump, Foreign Minister said

While the two parties presented various reports on the results of the summit, it appears that the two countries have not yet been able to establish a common definition of dumping, which Trump Biegun, the most important agent in North Korea, was aiming for last month. negotiating parties.

While Biegun did not give the time limit when the definition becomes necessary, he indicated at the time that this was a key part of the puzzle.

"There was no detailed definition or agreement on what the subsidiary meant," said Biegun in a speech at Stanford University.

"So there is no concrete and accepted definition of what a definitive, fully certified nuclear decomposition or comprehensive, verifiable, irreversible nuclear decomposition is, no matter what the desired artistic concept." We have a common understanding of what the outcome is. and we need to be able to agree on the steps needed to achieve a mutually agreed result within the created space. "

Trump Hanoi Hail Mary failed

"The American version of the events would be a significant difference from the North Korean negotiating position we have known so far.

"Unfortunately, there will never be a reliable report on the events of the summit, as the Trump administration is hiding in the area of ​​hiding and distorting diplomatic readings.

Despite leaving Hanoit without a concrete agreement or with a clear timetable for future discussions, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said after the summit that the US negotiating team had done a "very good" job, despite the lack of time available.

However, Pompeo admitted that the real progress was ultimately in the hands of Trump and Kim.

"You don't know what you're going to achieve until the two leaders really have a chance to get together," he said. "There was a lot of preparatory work. We were ready for this result. And we will return tomorrow."

Pompeo said he believes Biegun and his companion will live "for too long". But nothing goes into stone.

"We will see it," Pompeo said, explaining that both parties must re-group and justify.

– Look, there's a reason for the conversations. The theory should be the way forward. I'm sure there is one, he said.

Pompeo admitted that North Korea's nuclear threat is still very real.

CNN Kylie Atwood and Gregory Clary contributed to this report.

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