Lion fans reportedly donate to Deshaun Watson’s charity to thank Matt Patricia’s dismissal


This year’s Thanksgiving was bittersweet for Detroit Lions fans as their team was blown out of the Houston Texans by 41-25, but the loss also resulted in the kick-off of head coach Matt Patricia. On Saturday, the Lions made it official to part with Patricia and CEO Bob Quinn, and the joyful Lions fans celebrated by donating to the charity of the player who knocked the last nail in the Detroit front office coffin. Ian Rapoport, of the NFL Network, said lion fans flooded Deshaun Watson’s charity foundation to pay tribute to Thursday’s performance.

Watson recorded one of the best games of the season against the Lions, scoring 17 of 25 passes in 318 yards and four touchdowns. He threw the ball to the ground unstoppably, and his number one winger, Will Fuller, caught six of Watson’s 17 accomplishments, for a total of 171 yards and two touchdowns.

The Watson Foundation serves “educational, health, housing and other charitable purposes that support families and youth in underperformed communities,” their website writes, and has donated more than $ 1,000 since Sunday morning. Many fans are said to have offered $ 13 for Patricia’s 13 victories during her time in Detroit. Over the course of two and a half seasons, Patricia finished with a 13-29-1 balance (.314 victory percentage). Jim Caldwell, who was replaced by Patricia, became 36-28 (.563 percent win) in Detroit. Rapoport said Watson will match the donation, providing the first 100 with a free lunch at Lefty’s in Detroit, the same restaurant that served the Texas prelude earlier this week.

Heading towards this season, it was quite clear that Patricia and Quinn were also in the hot session. Back in December 2019, then-owner Martha Ford and then-vice-president (currently owner) Sheila Ford Hamp wrote an open letter to fans stating that “our expectation is for the Lions to be playoff players in 2020”. With Patricia eliminated, the lions will use offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as interim head coach.