Lions fire Matt Patricia: Five Detroit coach candidates to target next head coach

The Detroit Lions officially pressed the reset button, announcing on Saturday that the organization has fired head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn. While the seismic shift the body will go through is poised to shake, the news of Patricia and Quinn’s release isn’t entirely surprising. The duo rode on thin ice in the 2020 season, and after a 4-7 record that last suffered a 41-25 defeat at Texas Thanksgiving, ownership was left with no choice but to cut the bait.

Now then what? Well, the Lions will allegedly handing over the keys to the organization To offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who will serve as interim head coach for the rest of the season. Of course, if Bevell leads a wonderful turn for Detroit, he will, of course, learn more about property rights as a long-term opportunity. In case you are looking outside the organization outside of this season, here are some notable names that lions should put on their wish list.

Eric Bieniemy, OC leaders

You’ve probably heard of it before, but it’s worth repeating: Eric Bieniemy already needs to be a head coach somewhere in the NFL. Kansas City offensive coordinator Patrick Mahomes and the company look like they play Madden at times, and the franchise is ready to seriously defend their Super Bowl LIV title they won a year ago. It would be impressive to allow Bieniemy to work with offensive talents like Matthew Stafford, D’Andre Swift and others. It will probably be the best option for many teams, so Detroit needs to make sure he sells Bieniemy to help the lions turn things around.

Brian Daboll, Bills OC

Do you know how Josh Allen made a shift this season? Well, you owe that in part to Brian Daboll. The Bills boasts one of the best coaching staffs in the entire NFL, led by Sean McDermott, and Daboll is arguably the best team. Back in 2018, he was named OC in Buffalo and turned that unit into the group that currently ranks first in AFC East, scoring 27.2 points per game. He also projects huge plays.

Daboll also has a strong pedigree, winning five Super Bowls as a member of the New England Patriots and winning a national championship as an OC in Alabama led by Nick Saban. Although Detroit doesn’t want to pick another head coach from the Bill Belichick tree, Daboll would be a strong hire.

That would be a meteoric rise for Joe Brady if I were hired as head coach of the Carolina Panthers after a year, but we’re in the age of young head coaches, so I think it’s possible. Brady set college football on fire as LSU’s passing coordinator and betting coach, with Joe Burow as QB, and flashed with his leadership coaching opportunities at the Panthers. While it may be a little too green, Brady is definitely mentioned in a number of vacancies as it unfolds over the years. It’s only a matter of time before some teams find him to lead his club. For Lions, they may want to be too early in coaching prospects like 31-year-old Brady rather than too late.

Arthur Smith, Titans OC

Arthur Smith’s work with Ryan Tannehill, who developed the Titans quarterback into one of the NFL’s better beacons, gets him as a potential head coach in many ways. Since appearing as a starter in week 7 of last season, Tannehill has scored more than 67% of his passes in the regular season, averaging nearly 250 yards per game, scoring 44 touchdowns in just nine interceptions, and a passer rating of 112.7. Tannehill also gave 288 yards and five touchdowns on the ground on this stretch. Whether Matthew Stafford insists on rebuilding or not, or the lions decide to bring in another young quarterback to really start a new era, Smith has shown he can shape a QB and bring it with him to the NFL. .

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan HC

You feel like it’s too obvious, right? Harbaugh’s Michigan time appears to be in its final leg, opening the door to a possible return to the NFL, where as head coach he has a record of 49-22-1 in the regular season and 5-3 in the offseason. Harbaugh also has a history of reversing a team on his resume that can be attractive to Lions-owned. Before landing in San Francisco in 2011, the 49s had been in a .500 or lower squad for eight years. Upon arrival, Harbaugh immediately received them at 13-3 and in the NFC Championship. They were in the Super Bowl the following year. His ties to the state are obvious and he can reach such a convincing height that he can quickly turn things around in Detroit.