Lions-Packers Summary: Detroit Can’t Keep Up with Green Bay, Matthew Stafford Loses Due to Injury

The Detroit Lions held all four quarters at the Green Bay Packers, but that was simply not enough. The defense didn’t get enough stops and the attack pounded at the wrong time.

Most memorable was that Matthew Stafford suffered a rib injury at the end of the fourth quarter and was unable to return. Chase Daniel had a few chances for the miracle to return, but it was missed.

With the playoffs out of the question today, the focus is on the future, and with the search for a general manager, a coaching search and a big decision to be made in the quarterback, the next three months of the franchise will be critical.

But for now, it’s here that the lions snatched 31-24 against the Packers.

In the first quarter

The Detroit lions got the ball for the first time and swung out like the shooting predicted by everyone. Matthew Stafford found Mohamed Sanu for an early third and 9th conversion and went easily from there. By catching Danny Amendola for 15 yards, Detroit got down to the 1-yard line, and TJ Hockenson was set up early with a great shovel pass. 7-0 Lions.

But it didn’t take long for Aaron Rodgers to respond. Davante Adams jumped over Amani Oruwariye for a pass and burned Duron Harmon for a 56-yard cheat. And just like that, he was tied up. 7-7

Detroit’s offense responded with a three-way equalization, giving the Packers a chance to get the lead early. Green Bay drove into the Lions red zone again before the quarter ended quickly.

Second quarter

In just two games in the second quarter, the Packers actually took the lead. Rodgers found Marquez Valdez-Scantling with Oruwariye, but MVS was able to keep the 14-yard touchdown. 14-7 packers.

Detroit was able to move into midfield to potentially tie things up. However, Stafford forced feedback bags, forcing the Lions to cut back into Green Bay and giving them a chance to increase their advantage.

However, when the Packers looked like they were on the move again, Lions corner defender Darryl Roberts arrived in third and 10th field with a beautiful pass break to force Rodgers ’first finish and the Packers’ first stroke.

Detroit image responded with perfect drive. An 11-game, 80-yard run consumed 4:14 hours, and a D’Andre Swift limited the game to a 3-yard run. 14-14.

The lions were also able to eat the time limits of all three Packers at halftime, leaving Rodgers with only 1:27 left to take the lead at halftime. And although he was able to get into midfield, he was unable to join in the third and 3rds, so he returned the ball to the lions with 35 seconds left.

With three time requests, the lions tried to score and were able to work until midfield. But two Hail Mary attempts failed – one incomplete, one bagged – and the half of the game was equal at half.

Third quarter

The Packers led the second half with a long, arduous lead. Green Bay faced four third descents on this shoot, and on the way all four of them were converted into a 14-player, 75-yard shoot that consumed 8:49 hours. Rodgers found no one on the third floor and gate, so crouching he found a rushing lane in which no one was there for easy touch. 21-14 Packers.

Detroit followed this shoot three times, exactly what they couldn’t afford at the time.

Green Bay continued to drive and held the ball, as they did until 13:39 in the third quarter, and drove into Lions territory when the game turned to the final quarter.

Fourth quarter

After burning for another three minutes from the clock, Rodgers limited the drive with a third pass of the day. This time he found Robert Tonyan, who thoroughly beat Jahlani Tavai in coverage. 28-14 Packers.

The Lions had to score, and they had to score quickly. It looked like they had tied a huge game with Marvin Jones Jr. Unfortunately, this was called incomplete and was not rejected at the time of replay:

The lions could recover, eventually running down the track and scoring a goal. Kerryon Johnson cut it to a 3-yard touchdown, but the shoot burned until 5:31 a.m., and it was only 6:30 a.m. when Detroit got a stop and a later result. 28–21 Packers

In the pre-run Johnson touchdown game, however, Matthew Stafford beat big in a scramble and grabbed his left side after the fold and went into the locker room.

The lions were able to make a defensive stop, but not before the Packers entered the field. Mason Crosby got a little revenge from his previous Ford Field fights and nailed a 58-yard field goal to put it on a two-goal game. 31–21 Packers.

The big starting comeback gave Chase Daniel a short work area and he was left at 3:30 to somehow conjure up 10 points. Daniel contacted Marvin Jones Jr. during a beautiful third and ninth conversion. However, the penalty against Matt Nelson canceled Daniel’s linked touchdown. The lions settled on a field goal, hoping to kick it. Packers 31-24.

The Lions almost regained the bounce kick, but that was ruled out. The replay was not convincing as MIles Killebrew seemed to have arrived, but the ball may have barely bounced off the sideline.

Either way, the lions fall back to 5-8, and although they can still “play out” for the playoffs, given their schedule, that seems very unlikely.